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Identify Unknown Transformers Toys - Figures, Parts, and stickers sheets

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Can't Find Your Figure or Part?
Don't worry, we can still help, AND we probably your help too! Send us a picture and we will try to ID it for you! Click here for picture taking guidelines and instructions for uploading your images directly to TFL!
You can also search our more general toy identification database.


Want to contribute images? Click one of the series below for the list of part, bot, and complete images we need from each series. See our picture taking guidelines. If it qualifies, your image might end up on TFL to be seen by thousands! G1, G2, Machine Wars, Beast Wars, Animorphs, Beast Machines, Robots in Disguise, Commemortive Series, Heroes of Cybertron, Alternators, Cybertron, Crossovers (Star Wars, Marvel), Classics, Titanium, Movie - 2007, Robot Heroes, Animated, Universe 2.0 Movie - ROTF