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Buying Transformers Toys and other 80s Toy Collections

 Selling Your Collection to Transformerland.com

Today is October 24, 2014 and Transformerland.com is always buying Transformers and other toy collections! Contact us with info about the collection you’re interested in selling, and we’ll provide a quote for your toys.

Email: offers@transformerland.com

Phone: (352) 870-2888 (ask for Matt or Ben)

Skype: transformerland

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Why sell to Transformerland.com?

  • We’re easy to reach, professional, courteous, and friendly to deal with!
  • This site is a wealth of toy information:
  • We are trustworthy and reputable:
    • We have had unsolicited appearences in MensHealth Magazine (June 2009 Issue, Page 78) and Tomart's Action Figure Digest as the place to cash in on your 80s toys.
    • We are also rated 5 of 5 stars on Google and other review sites like SiteJabber
      • Google Reviews rated transformerland.com
      • TransformerLand Reviews - SiteJabber
      • We have 100% positive customer reviews on BBB.org
  • We offer the highest prices to buy your toys!

What do we buy?

  • Transformers - toys, (AND ACCESSORIES!) from any country, from any series including:
    • G1 - naturally, harder-to-find items are more valuable. As of October 2014, scarce items include items issued after 1986:
      • Japanese or European exclusive molds (such as Overlord, Metalhawk, Grand Maximus, Dinoking, Raiden, Black Zarak, Artfire, Minerva, Go Shooter, Thunderclash, Clench, Pyro, etc.)
      • Masters (Headmasters, Targetmasters, Powermasters - though Powermaster Optimus Prime is farily common!)
      • Action Masters with vehicles (Optimus Prime, Megatron, Wheeljack, Gutcruncher, etc.)
      • "Irregular" Pretenders (Junior Pretenders - shells are smaller than average, Mega and Ultra Pretenders - shells transform
      • Micromaster bases (Battlefield Headquarters, Countdown, Skystalker, Skyhopper)
      • Certain combiners (Monstructor, Predaking, Abominus, Computron, Menasor, Bruticus)
      • Selected bases (Scorponok, Trypticon -- Omega Supreme and Metroplex are actually fairly common, Fortress Maximus while still quite valuable, has lost some value due to a 2013 Japanese Encore reissue.)
      • Selected 'other' figures (Shockwave, Gnaw, Roadbuster, Reflector, Time Warrior mail-away watch)
    • Pre-G1 transforming robots(Diaclone, Micro Change, Takatoku, etc. - again, these are quite rare and valuable)
    • Post G1 (G2, Beast Wars, Machine Wars, Beast Machines, RiD, Commemmorative series, Universe, Alternators, Classics, Movie Toys, etc.)
  • Non-Transformers - Other toys we're interested in include:
    • Gobots
    • GI Joe
    • He Man/Masters of the Universe
    • M.A.S.K.
    • Voltron
    • Godaikin
    • Original Star Wars
    • Thundercats
    • And many more, just let us know what you have!

What's my collection worth?
We determine value for a given toy based on rarity, the condition, and completeness. Completeness is a HUGE factor in value. The more of your original toy’s accessories you have, the better!

How do I sell to Transformerland.com?
Simply email us or call us. If you have the following info handy, it will help. But we can figure it out for you if you are short on time, all we need are some pictures to go by:

  • Name of figure. Click here to identify unknown bots.
  • Parts missing from (or included with) each figure. Click here to identify unknown parts.
    • Note: Completeness, completeness, completeness! Completeness is by far the LARGEST factor when it comes to value. You can determine if your figure is complete (has all accessories) by using our Toy Guides & Wiki section. First, run a search for your figure, then click on the thumbnail. The results page will list out all accessories that came with that particular figure. Alternatively, you can send us pictures via email and we'll do the work for you!
  • Paperwork (instruction book, stats card a.k.a. 'tech specs') included with figure.
  • Description including coloration, sticker quality, and joint quality as well as any broken parts.
If you do not have time to make a list, send us photos of your toys, spread them out so we can see each piece. If your lot is too large to list every item, please contact us by email or phone so we can get an idea of what you have.

How do I get paid?
Once you've accepted our offer for your toys, there area couple ways we can proceed.

  • We pay up front 80% of the agreed amount, and pay the remainder upon reciept and inspection of the toys.
  • You can send us your collection, and upon receipt, we inspect it to make sure it's what we agreed on, and send your payment.
  • We can do the transaction through a 3rd party escrow service, if you agree to pay any fees associated with the service.
We can pay using PayPal (required for up-front payments), business check, or money order. We can accommodate special requests for payment methods!