Store FAQ Page

As of September 2010, there are 2 different 'sellers', Transformerland (the main store located in Gainesville, FL), and TFL-North (the branch in Wisconsin that handles sales of non-Transformers toy lines like G.I. Joe, Gobots, M.A.S.K., Robotech, etc.) More information can be found here

Toy Lines
Over the years, each Transformer has been issued as part of different toy lines also known as "generations". In addition, some countries continued a particular toy line further than others. For example, Japan carried the Generation 1 toy line through 1992, while it only lasted through 1990 in the US.

While shopping, you may notice several abbreviations which are detailed below:

  • G1 - Generation 1
  • G2 - Generation 2
  • MW - Machine Wars
  • BW - Beast Wars
  • BM - Beast Machines
  • RiD - Robots in Disguise
  • EU - Expanded Universe

Country abbreviations include:

  • US - United States
  • Jap - Japan
  • SA - South America

Detailed information about the different Transformers generations can be found at The Complete Transformers Action Figure Line Synopsis

Sub Groups
Sub Groups are categories within a particular toy line into which similar toys are grouped. Sub Groups can also be used to distinguish toys with identical names and belonging to the same toy line. For example the name "Megatron" is used 4 times in the Beast Wars toy line:

  • Basic Megatron
  • Ultra Megatron
  • Transmetals Megatron
  • Transmetals 2 Megatron

Without the Sub Group distinction, it would be hard to tell them apart!

Pretty self-explanatory. We added this feature so that if you are interested in an item but want to negotiate on the price, you can do so!
We have a large number of items in our inventory, but we also have hundreds of customers. There is a possibility that someone else may have 'beat' you to an item you're interested in ordering. So we have created this 'Status' system, where there are three possibilities:
  • Available - All Available
  • # Available - Some Available
  • On Hold - All on Hold
If an item is marked "Available", it is available and the quantity available = the number in the "qty" column. You can order this item and be almost certain it will be reserved for you.

If an item is marked "# Available", some number of that particular item are on hold for other customers, but the rest are available. The (#) represents the number of items available (not on old). You can order this item (up to #) and be almost certain it will be reserved for you.

If an item is marked "On Hold", it is currently on hold for other customers. You can still order this item, but you are not guaranteed that the item will become available. You will be put on a 'waiting list' should the item become available (customer cancels the order or does not pay in the allotted time). You can click the "On Hold" to see the hold time remaining (note that we are currently working on this function, and it should be up and running shortly).