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Price: 395.00
Features: MP-44 Convoy (Optimus Prime) is the third mold in the series, and by far the most cartoon-accurate! Convoy features a fully painted and cartoon-proportioned cab, a trailer that transforms into the Battle Platform (with a detachable repair robot!), Roller, Spike and Sparkplug Witwicky, his signiature Ion Rifle, energon axe, Matrix of Leadership, a jetpack, fuel pump and nozzle, battle-damaged head and chest parts, flame/laser effects, an integrated electronic voice box, and even a Starscream head and shoulders to recreate Starscream's disguise in "Megatron's Master Plan"! His unfolded trailer can hold up to four Masterpiece Autobot Cars, and the base of the repair robot can even be used as a display stand for Optimus flying with the jetpack. MP-44 is the most intricate and feature-filled Optimus Prime toy to date!
Item comes sealed in package, straight from the Takara Tomy factory case.
Please note this item is a pre-order and will not ship until it is in hand. Also, if you would like us to open up and inspect this item before we ship, please state so by replying to the invoice we send to you, otherwise we are not responsible for QC problems or factory errors. We are also not responsible for QC issues after 2 weeks of receiving our shipment, so please pay for your orders promptly if you want us to inspect them :)
$50 non-refundable deposit required per piece. Balance required when item is in hand.
Expected arrival date: August 2019 (actual arrival date may vary).
Images are RealPics™ and show the actual item or items.
Item guaranteed original and not a re-issue or knock-off unless stated in this description.
TFL ID PO-181207-1