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Price: 119.00
Cordon is the newly-announced redeco of the awesome Masterpiece Sunstreaker! This figure will feature the Diaclone Countach LP500S Super Tuning Patrol Car deco. Not much else is known yet, but he will likely feature the white-on-black deco with the Japanese National Police Agency, possibly with the Asahikage symbol, or possibly with a made-up Transformers badge like his predecessor Clampdown.
Features: (coming soon)
Item comes sealed in package, straight from the Takara Tomy factory case.
Please note this item is a pre-order and will not ship until it is in hand. Also, if you would like us to open up and inspect this item before we ship, please state so by replying to the invoice we send to you, otherwise we are not responsible for QC problems or factory errors. We are also not responsible for QC issues after 2 weeks of receiving our shipment, so please pay for your orders promptly if you want us to inspect them :)
Payment not required until item is in hand.
Expected arrival date: October 2018 (actual arrival date may vary).
Images are RealPics™ and show the actual item or items.
Item guaranteed original and not a re-issue or knock-off unless stated in this description.
TFL ID PO-180508-1