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Transformers Archive - Toys from G1 to Present

Transformers Archive 2.0
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The new archive - sophisticated yet simple. Either search by figure name or browse the different toy series using the hover menu above.

Transformer Pictures Archive 1.0

Visit the old Transformer images archive!

The old Transformers toys pictures archive also contains images of Transformer toys from Generation 1 to Armada. Includes images of sealed Transformers and Transformers instructions as well as Transformers catalogs.

The old Transformers archive is slowly being phased out. However, it will still be viewable until the new Transformers archive content surpasses that of the old Transformers archive. Follow this link to visit Transformers toys pictures archive 1.0

G1 Transformers Reviews

If you're like me, the focus of your collection is Generation 1 -- the old-school Transformers! Click here to read some reviews that I (the webmaster) have generated for this amazing line of Transformers toys.