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Real-Time Online Price Guide for Transformers Toys

Our price guide for Transformers toys (Thundercats, M.A.S.K., He-Man, and Go-Bots now available with more on the way!) provides you with the ability to see up-to-date pricing on action figures ranging from G1 to the present day using real data gathered by sales of toys dating back to 2003. This also means you can see trends in the values of each figures, particularly for figures with lots of data points. Follow the easy-to-follow instructions below (using G1 Galvatron as an example) to get started!

A couple words before you begin
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  • The Transformers Price Guide is really just an extension of our Transformers Toy Archive
  • Click the ARCHIVE tab from the top menu
  • Click on the toy series of interest (G1 in this case)
  • Click the subgroup of interest (Leaders in this case)
  • Click the $$ link below the thumbnail of the Transformer of interest (Galvatron in this case)
  • Watch in awe as the chart is generated!
Note: All prices reflect sales at Transformerland.com
Prices may have been negotiated slightly (10-20% max)
G1 results show sales of COMPLETE figures
Post-G1 results show ALL sales for a particular toy
We are working to expand the database to include prices from other sources