Jackhammer is V.E.N.O.M.'s quintessential bad-guy truck from the first series of M.A.S.K. The 1985 Ford Bronco changes into a turreted battle wagon, driven by black-knit-cap-wearing mook Cliff Dagger who uses the Torch mask.

Description and Features

Jackhammer is a fairly detailed (although somewhat inaccurate due to being unlicensed) rendition of the Ford Bronco, complete with licensed Goodyear rubber tires on bright chrome wheels, opening doors, and stickered rear windows reflecting a night skyline. Fictional embellishments include a small roof spoiler, a hood scoop (and a depression with stickered mechanical detail), and widened fender flares. Pressing down on the rear bumper makes the rear roof section pop up as a rotating turret, with a seat opening up under the spoiler, extending two gun barrels. Under the turret, a portable machine gun fits into a molded slot, which can plug in front of the seat on the turret top. The hood scoop can be pressed in to unlock the hood, which slides back and up over the windshield, lowering the front grille and revealing two gun barrels on the driver's side. Rolling the vehicle forward causes these guns to pop in an out in an alternating, reciprocating motion. Cliff Dagger is depicted wearing plain clothes in dark colors, and a black knit cap covering his presumably bald head. He has a pistol holster strapped to his chest, and an eyepatch to complete the over-the-top stereotypical criminal thug look. His gray Torch mask “pretends to be a flame thrower”.
Date stamp location: bottom of vehicle chassis
Logo location: revealed behind front grille when hood is slid up

Collector Notes

Jackhammer has a higher-than-average tendency to have dried and split tires, although their thickness and deep rim grooves generally prevent them from becoming lost even when split. The reciprocating gun mechanism can prove fragile if not handled properly, and is difficult to repair if the linkages are misaligned. When closing the grille, roll the front axle backwards a little to make both gun barrels retract evenly into the truck, then slowly complete the hood sliding motion.


Jackhammer itself has no notable variations, but Cliff's Torch mask, like all first series masks, does. Early production features black-painted indentations for the eyes and mouth, while later production has slotted holes all the way through the eyes and mouth, revealing these parts of the figure's face.


Jackhammer was available in 1985 and 1986.
MSRP: $14.99
Packaging: windowless box with no top flap, folded cardboard insert
Paperwork included: instructions, mini-comic, catalog