Warpath was an Autobot Mini Vehicle released in 1985 with the second series of Generation 1. Warpath transforms into a General Motors M551 Sheridan Armored Recon/Airborne Assault Vehicle, a lightly-armored Vietnam-era tank.

US Patent for G1 Warpath


His mold was very likely originally designed by Akio Kitamura to be included in Takara’s Microman: Microchange line, but was never released in this capacity due to the line’s cancellation in early 1984. Unlike Diaclone, the Mini CAR robo assortment of Microchange (of which Warpath was presumably to have been a part) were intended to represent toy vehicles rather than real ones, causing many of the figures to have somewhat distorted proportions. However, the M551 Sheridan was already a very small tank armed with a disproportionate gun, so much of Warpath’s toylike proportions are realistic. Warpath’s US Patent, titled Reconfigurable toy tank (aka Transformers G1 Warpath) was filed on October 25, 1984 (U.S. Patent No. USD290630 S).


Warpath is mostly molded in a maroon red plastic with hardly any decorative color highlights, save for his silver plastic tracks and roadwheels. Warpath has hidden rolling wheels beneath his tank mode to allow him to roll despite his one-piece track and roadwheel details. Warpath was released exclusively with the inclusion of a rubsign. The rubsign is accommodated by a shallow, square depression on the front of the tank hull, unlike 1984 releases, where the rubsign was typically placed over existing details, causing them to look out of place. His transformation is simple, and very similar to some of the other 1985 Minibots. The front of the vehicle is extended, then rotated to form the legs and feet, the arms rotate straight down from the shoulders, and the head is flipped up from the hatch on the tank turret.

Collector Notes

Warpath is a fairly sturdy figure, although the main cannon is part of the lower turret piece, and can easily become bent or stressed downward, or occasionally broken completely.


Warpath has two primary variations. Most versions have spots of black paint on his robot-mode eyes. Another variant instead features the entire mouth-plate painted black, with unpainted eyes.


Warpath was also available in 1986 as a mail-in exclusive, and was re-issued in 2004 as part of Takara’s Japanese series The Transformers Collection Bumble & Minibots.

Redecos & Retools

Warpath was recolored as Treds in the e-HOBBY exclusive G1 Gobots set.