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As Diaclone advanced through its third year of product, it became clear that the road led inexorably to Transformers. Though initially a small sub-line of disguised fast responder mecha, the Real & Robo Car Robots rapidly expanded to become nearly the entire Diaclone force. Together with additional R&R toys like Jet Robo, Construction Vehicle Robo, and Train Robo, all new Diaclone-aligned sets (except two!) from this point onward changed into real vehicles. Almost all of those would in turn be used as Transformers characters, albeit with the occasional deco change.
This late 1982 catalog also continued the story arc, whereas the earlier catalog this year did not. We see the in-universe reason for all these small, disguised mecha as Diaclone Corps gains the upper hand in the struggle for Earth’s Freezon energy. Now, gather your courageous hero’s spirit and enjoy Transformerland’s restored 600dpi (click images to view full resolution!) scans and full translations! It is a world transformed, where things are not as… waitaminnit, not that one yet.
Now, enter the world of

Front Cover

Finding all the blue-on-blue text is like a Where's Waldo? book.
Finding all the blue-on-blue text is like a Where’s Waldo? book.

The front cover of the second 1982 catalog is almost completely recycled from the earlier 1982 cover, framing the art of Fortress Robot X and some ghostly Diaclone Corps personnel in a metallic blue, with a new white logo banner, and some of Takara marketing department’s brilliant blue-on-blue text.
Pages 1-2
Red Waruder pilot wants those damn kids off his lawn!
Red Waruder pilot wants those damn kids off his lawn!

Page 1
Diaclone Story
The human race has finally discovered the future of energy “Freezon”!
The year 198X… all over, the world was suffering from a serious energy shortage. Countries were desperately looking for new energy, and finally found a super substance “Freezon” that produced energy of even several hundred times that of nuclear power. In the year 199X the world has been dramatically developed by the energy of “Freezon”. It is divided into five federal countries called the “Macro Zone”, centered on the “Metro Zone”, Japan City. There, the super computer “Land Master” managed all the other urban computers.
The crisis of Earth’s invasion! The formation of “Diaclone Corps”!
Just as “Land Master” was started up, it intercepted an amazing interstellar message from space. [Our star, Waruder Army, has been depleted of energy and will perish. Danger! Head to Earth…]
The signal was cut off. “Land Master” must protect the Earth, and called on the young people around the world with courage and passion. In their strong friendship, they form Earth’s defense army… Diaclone Corps! Land Master also initiated the development of mecha to intercept the Waruder Army. Finally, Waruder Army appeared, and began destroying cities in their violent attack. But the success of Diaclone Corps was remarkable.
The combat intensifies as the Waruder Army presses their despicable attack.
The battle is carried out in many parts of the world, destroying cities. As Waruder resorts to radical guerilla tactics, Diaclone Corps powers up its “Second Stage Attack System”. One after another, powerful new mecha allow sorties to bring the fight to Waruder forward bases, dominating the battles. However, Waruder makes a sudden attack from their lunar base, hitting the Diaclone Corps headquarters. Diaclone Corps battles fiercely but desperately, and is able to stave off the Waruder attack…
Page 1 begins the expository update for this catalog. The banner at top uses the vignette of various mecha and a Diaclone pilot, recycled from the previous catalog. The story parts are illustrated with some small art snippets, of which a couple are recycled. So far, these parts are a recap of the first couple years of the series, succinctly describing how the Earth goes from an energy shortage to battling alien bug mecha.
Page 2
Top text:

To extend the worldwide combat to space, Diaclone Corps launches the newly completed “Fortress Robot X”! A large robot army is deployed with each Fortress Robot X. A further rear informatics and support corps are formed, plunging the Tertiary Attack System into the cosmic scale of combat.
Callout: Fortress Robot X is the core of a number of new mecha! With the imminent destruction of the Waruder lunar base, Waruder will never come close to Earth!
The Tertiary Attack System takes decisive action!
“Fortress Robot X” will hit the lunar base, and no longer will it be possible for the enemy to approach Earth! Until the lunar base can be destroyed, Diaclone Corps initiates the diversionary “Attack Plan X” while Fortress Robot X is rushed to completion. To ensure the strategy is successful, new robots with up-to-date weapons are developed, with more powerful attacks and more robust defenses. Until the completion of Fortress Robot X, it must be absolutely protected from Waruder attacks! Waruder Army’s annihilation is the goal, keep it up! We are Diaclone Corps!
The Waruder Star in the large dark nebula…
Deep in space, the large planet Waruder is located in the center of a dark nebula. The highly developed world had a thriving scientific power, but due to the abuse of the Waruder star’s energy, it was doomed to die if the energy could not be replenished. Emperor Waruder dispatched many research vessels to Earth to determine if the solar system was rich with Freezon – the foundation of the Waruder empire’s wealth and prosperity.
Callout: Take Earth’s Freezon!
The Waruder Army begins the invasion of Earth!
Emperor Waruder has ordered the attack on Earth by General Ingam’s Insect Army. General Ingam organized a large fleet and started the mobilization toward Earth! They wiped out any planets that opposed their advance. At last, the Waruder Army’s attack closed in on Earth to steal its Freezon! The attacks came one after another, but Earth’s defense army, Diaclone Corps, was there to fight back.
Callout: The Insect Army is underway!
Steal every drop of Earth’s Freezon!
General Ingam’s Earth invasion launched a surprise guerilla attack on the Diaclone Corps, and finally struck a blow against Diaclone headquarters. Emperor Waruder did not miss this strategic opportunity, and sent powerful new weapons and mecha to the Waruder Army’s moon base. Soon the Earth’s Freezon would be gone! Even as Earth was dying, Diaclone Corps enacted a desperate strategy that Waruder did not notice.
Part 4 gives us the news with regard to Diaclone Corps’ recovery from the attack on their headquarters. Below, we are refreshed on the reason Waruder Army is targeting Earth, with a new paragraph about General Ingam’s insect army reinforcing their lunar base. This paragraph teases Diaclone Corps’ secret plan… What could it be? Certainly not disguised mecha! This portion is adorned with some nice art of General Ingam (whose visage is used in the Waruder logo), and some of the Waruder pilots as included with Warudaros and Walk Insecter toys.
Page 3-4
First the Base Escalator, now the Step Riser elevator, what's next, a base-bot with a paternoster?
First the Base Escalator, now the Step Riser elevator, what’s next, a base-bot with a paternoster?

Page 3
Diaclone Corps unveils a new flagship mecha – a robot fortress!
The Waruder lunar base is knocking at the door! All at once, Waruder Army enacts a strategy to launch repeated ferocious attacks on the Diaclone Corps headquarters from the lunar base. In the blaze of war, the Tertiary Attack System flagship mecha “Fortress Robot X” is dispatched. Halt the enemy attacks! With the power to dissolve even a fortress aircraft carrier with a single shot, its Desto Laser has been fired towards the lunar base.
Inset captions:
-Operations Area
Computer X detects enemy positions and combat power; an Operations Commander works in each station.
-Shooting Line
OK for emergency dispatch at any time!
-Dock Area
Personnel standing by!
Green banner: It changes into the fortress Astro Base!
Silver banner: The new system feature “Shooting Line”
Personnel board a Capsule System to move to various parts of the fortress. It deploys them instantly to the Capsule Catcher of the Foot Shooter, X Jet, X Attacker, abdominal firing ports, or Operations Area.
Diagram Label:
-Capsule Catcher
Page 4
Central fortress type robot of the 3rd Stage Attack System
Fortress Robot X D・C Type 103SP
Diagram labels, clockwise from top left:
-Missile Launcher
-Face Radar
-Missile Launcher
-Shoulder Vernier
-X-Attacker Mach 7
-Freezon Multi-Laser
-Foot Shooter
-Freezon Main Engine
-Leg Cover
-Freezon Desto Laser
-Freezon Multi-Gun
-X-Jet Mach 3
-Breast Cover
Inset Captions:
X-Attacker Launch!!
X-Attacker takes off! It pursues Waruder fighter at Mach 7!
Foot Shooter speed: 230 km/h
Mobile Capsule, setting complete!
Foot Shooter M1, M2 launch!
X-Type Robo
Overall length 27 meters
Weight 173 tonnes
Crew complement 32
The headliner for this catalog is the centerpiece of the Third Stage Attack System, the mighty (expensive) Fortress Robot X. This page shows his strange fortress mode, with inset photos highlighting his operations room and the capsule-based personnel elevator gimmick – though if I were a Diaclone operator, I don’t think I’d like to be on something called the “Shooting Line”. The banner wrapping to the other page shows incoming fire on Waruder’s lunar base, with buildings evocative of nuclear cooling towers. As with the earlier Robot Base, we are treated to a diagram of the fictional weapons and systems of the Fortress Robot X. However, since X has been in production at this point, stock photography is used in place of a cutaway painting. Insets detail a couple more of X’s play features, such as launching mini-vehicles and the capsule transport system.
Page 5-6
These guys all learned to shoot at the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper academy.
These guys all learned to shoot at the Galactic Empire’s Stormtrooper academy.

Page 5
Top Banner:

Waruder Army reinforcements attack in waves.
Space battle / nimble destroyer Robo
バトルバッファロ- Battle Buffalo
The Waruder lunar base bombing attack begins!
Diaclone Corps commands an emergency sortie of a newly developed high-speed orbital heavy battle robot, “Battle Buffalo”. Reinforce against the enemy mecha trying to attack Earth! Defeat the Walk Insecter formation in space! It approaches the lunar base, 3 separate modules speeding to surprise the enemy!!
Total length 11.8 meters Weight 18 tonnes Speed Mach 13
Diagram labels, clockwise from top
-Battle Beam
-High-Speed Sensing Radar
-Battle Punch
-Freezon Sub-Light Engine BR-B
-Battle Weapon
-Cockpit Capsule
Battle Breaster
Heavy Fighter-Bomber
Speed Mach 16 Overall length 6.4 meters Weight 7.1 tonnes
Battle Header
Mobile Radar
Speed Mach 1.5 Weight 4.6 tonnes Overall length 4.8
NEW 3-Part Combination Robo BATTL[sic] BUFFALO
Battle Wrecker
Sub-Light Fighter
Overall length 8.5 meters Weight 6.3 tonnes Speed Mach 20
GATS-BROCKER[sic] 14-Part Combination
ガッツブロッカー Gats Blocker
A super combination robo weapon system!
The attack starts with the flight of battle machines Blocker 1-14 to confront Warudaros. It fights back by changing into “Gats Blocker”, the united form of the Blockers.
Overall length 9.9 meters Weight 21 tonnes Speed Mach 9
Page 6
VS Waruder Army Mecha
Waruder Army’s aggressive military is invading!
The Waruder Army invading earth sends in a formation of two new types of highly mobile medium walking fighters, “Walk Insecter”. Their skillful guerilla surprise attacks dazzle the Diaclone Corps.
Walk Insecter 2
Attack Machine
Overall length – 4.7 meters Speed – 190 km/h
Waruder Missile
Charge Sickle
Walk Insecter 1
Detector Machine
Waruder Beam Cannon
Overall length 4.6 meters
Speed 180 km/h
Waruder Suits Waruder Suits
Overall length 2.7 meters Top Speed – 180km/h
ワルダロス Warudaros
Defeat the Diaclone Corps!
Waruder’s large battle robo Warudaros , made of three mecha specializing in land, sea, and air combat, destroys cities one after another with its powerful Destroy Cutters. Then it hits the Diaclone Headquarters at last!!
Diagram labels, from top:
-Death Gama
-Waruder Missile
-Roaring Waruder Hand
Overall length 12 meters Weight 17.2 tonnes Speed Mach 10
Overall length 8.3 meters
Weight 4.5 tonnes Speed Mach 20
Overall length 9.6 meters
Weight 5.7 tonnes Speed Mach 15
Overall length 6.3 meters
Weight 7 tonnes Speed Mach 1
This spread gives us a few more legacy mecha, including the only Waruder Army toys available to date. Battle Buffalo (also inconsistently spelled “Battl Buffalo”), who was released in Takara’s furtive Kronoform line as Togor, was released earlier in 1982. Gats Blocker (or Gats-Brocker in Engrish), is the most numerous non-TF Diaclone in the West thanks to releases in Diakron, Kronoform, and Grandstand Convertors (in the UK), and was initially launched in the 1981 lineup. Opposing the two combiners are the wind-up Walk Insecters, which were available in two types and multiple color schemes. Waruder’s staple robo is Warudaros, released in 1981 and later issued in North America as Diakron Wargon, and in the UK as Grandstand Convertors Siclonoid, both lacking the unique Waruder pilot figures. Each figure gets its own stats block, as was tradition since the first catalog, plus a story snippet for each faction. Nearly the entire spread is recycled from the earlier 1982 catalog, except it has been made more text-heavy, bucking the usual trend.
Page 7-8
Double Soldier will bend over backwards for you...and change to Double Fighter.
Double Soldier will bend over backwards for you…and change to Double Fighter.

Page 7
A new type amazing transformable robo is born!
With a Variable Type Cube Mechanism made from a special type of smooth and flexible alloy, the Robot & Robo type “Double Soldier” can change to the optimum form for the terrain condition – wasteland, plains, rocky fields, desert, marshes – and easily invade the enemy base… It’s a Cube Robo!
Above Double Soldier:
Ace Soldier
-Double Missile
Overall Height 11.1 meters
Weight 20 tonnes
Speed Mach 11
ロボット&ロボDXダブルソルジャー Robot & Robo DX DOUBLE SOLDIER
Double Soldier diagram labels:
-Freezon Cannon
Change to Double Fighter!
-Double Speed Engine
-Soldier Punch
Change to Sky Soldier!
ロボット&ロボツィンコンバット Robot & Robo TWIN COMBAT
They dazzle the enemy with their mobility as they fight!
“Twin Combat” is a Robot & Robo designed to be lighter and more compact than Double Soldier. They attack the enemy and defeat it with speed!
Inset captions:
Blue Combat
Total height 6.4 meters
Weight 8.5 tonnes
Speed Mach 13
Change to Twin Jet type fighter!
Change to Red Combat complete!
Page 8
Robot & Robo Team – destroy the enemy reinforcement units!
スカイベース SKY BASE
Sky Robo
Three Sky Machines can merge to become Sky Robo!
Overall length 18.5 meters Weight 29 tonnes Speed Mach 17.4
The ruination of the Waruder guerillas!
“Sky Base” is a high speed flying base that can discover and attack the Waruder Army’s guerrilla troops. It’s the mobile command base of the Diaclone team! It can change from “Sky Base” to “Bird Base” according to the situation!
Change to Bird Base!
This spread is another expansion of the previous catalog’s blurb on the Robot & Robo series, but more interestingly executed. While Twin Combat’s product shots wither at the bottom of the page, the more expensive Double Soldier dominates nearly the whole spread, with a larger fantasy art piece and large control art of the toy in each mode – even though the previous catalog used product photography! While it’s not uncommon to see concept art in these books, it’s almost always replaced by photographs of the toy (or at least a mock-up) as soon as possible. Also shown is Sky Base, which hybridizes these two approaches by featuring a couple product photos and a nice painting of the included Sky Robo.
Pages 9-10
1980 called, they want their catalog pages back!
1980 called, they want their catalog pages back!

Page 9
Diaclone Corps rallies to intense battles all around the world.
Insets on left, from top to bottom:
-Operation Command Room
Battle Stations! Prepare for missile launch!
-Movable head catapult
Base Fighter emergency launch!
-Base Escalator
An emergency meeting is gathered in the Operations Control Room!
Overall height 32 meters Weight 167 tonnes
Diagram labels, top to bottom:
-Freezon Beam Cannon
-Dia Punch
-Base Attacker
Robot Base ロボット・ベース
Shoot the Waruder Carrier Fortress!!
Diaclone Corps’ largest super-heavy combat robo “Robot Base” fires its Freezon Beam Cannon at the enemy. It’s destroyed in a single hit! Changing back to the tank base, Robot Base advances as the central command robot in the operation to destroy the Waruder base.
Page 10
Team Combination ビッグパワード BIG-POWERED
Big Powered is not bothered by enemy missile attacks! It attacks the enemy center with a densely armored body. Boasting a lot of power, the heavy battle robot “Big Powered” pursues the enemy with three unique mecha. The Diaclone pilots wear Powered Suits inside the mecha.
Powered Suits
Reinforced battle armor for close combat
Total height 3.2 meters Maximum speed 150 km/h
Land Powered
Ground combat radar
Total length 5.8 meters Weight 10.5 tonnes Speed Mach 1.7
Earth Powered
Total length 5.8 meters Weight 9.5 tonnes Speed Mach 15
Mach Powered
Total length 12.8 meters Weight 12 tonnes Speed Mach 21
Total height 12.3 meters Weight 23 tonnes Speed Mach 15
This cluttered spread features yet more recycled material. It mirrors the early 1982’s page 9-10, but with more text and a larger image of Robot Base, covering some of the central diorama and the art flanking it. I refer you to the previous catalog for more commentary about Robot Base and Big Powered.
Pages 11-12
I bet that chopped-in-half Countach Patrol Type would still sell for $500 or more.
I bet that chopped-in-half Countach Patrol Type would still sell for $500 or more.

Page 11
CAR ROBOT カーロボット
Car Robot Series
A rescue team to protect the citizens
When Diaclone Corps is off missions at base, they have other missions. They patrol the city to protect the citizens from disasters. When they receive an emergency contact, they use custom cars to carry out rescue activities – and they can cheat Waruder’s eyes by appearing like regular cars.
Change to a Robot!
Countach LP500S Super Tuning
No. 1
Overall length 4.3 meters Maximum output 610 horsepower Maximum speed 430 km/h
“Lamborghini Countach LP500S” actual vehicle data
Overall length 4.3 meters Maximum output 447 horsepower Maximum speed 315 km/h
Onebox Cherry Vanette
No. 2
Overall length 3.93 meters Maximum output 430 horsepower Maximum speed 270 km/h
“Cherry Vanette SGL High Roof” actual vehicle data
Overall length 3.93 meters Total displacement 1487cc Maximum output 83 horsepower
Countach Patrol Type
Overall length 4.3 meters Maximum output 610 horsepower Maximum speed 430 km/h
“Lamborghini Countach LP500S” actual vehicle data
Overall length 4.3 meters Maximum output 447 horsepower Maximum speed 315 km/h
Page 12
A new world of Diaclone! Car Robot Team, roll out!
Onebox Ambulance Type
Overall length 3.93 meters Maximum output 430 horsepower Maximum speed 270 km/h
“Cherry Vanette SGL High Roof” actual vehicle data
Overall length 3.93 meters Total displacement 1487cc Maximum output 83 horsepower
4WD Hilux
Overall length 4.69 meters Maximum output 510 horsepower Maximum speed 290 km/h
“Hilux 4WD short body” actual vehicle data
Overall length 4.69 meters Total displacement 1968cc Maximum output 93 horsepower
City Super Tuning
Overall length 3.38 meters Maximum output 350 horsepower Maximum speed 310 km/h
“Honda City R” actual vehicle data
Overall length 3.38 meters Total displacement 1238cc Maximum output 67 horsepower
Finally, the page we’ve all been waiting for! This beautiful spread showcases the growing selection of Real & Robo Car Robots. We are told if Diaclone Corps’ secret strategy to disguise combat mecha as regular vehicles to rapidly respond to Waruder’s hit-and-run attacks. On the right is a nice diorama of the first four types, demonstrating the in-fiction mass production of each robot, and to the left is a cool shot of the Car Robots streaking toward our toy shelves on a futuristic highway. A quick summary of the six types advertised here:
Countach Super Tuning is better known in the West as Red Sunstreaker, his deco having been traded with the later “New Countach” by Gig’s pre-Transformer “Trasformer” line in Italy. He was available in the US as Diakron DK-1.
Onebox Cherry Vanette as also released in the US as Diakron DK-2, before being cast in red as Transformers Ironhide. Note the Vanettes in the diorama photo – one has a blue sunroof sticker, two have the production gray-framed-black sticker, and one has no sticker.
Countach Patrol Car Type is the first new model for this catalog, and a Japan-unique redeco of the Super Tuning. TF Sunstreaker bears the telltale light bar mounting holes hidden beneath his roof sticker, showing the planned second version of this mold. A bizarre page layout misalignment cuts the car in half, though all other parts of the page line up along the seam. I was tempted to digitally correct it, but it’s gotta be authentic!
Onebox Ambulance Type is the second new redeco, gaining fame with minor sticker palette changes as G1 Ratchet.
4WD Hilux is the first new mold shown here, and it’s apparent. The photos feature a mockup that has some sort of opening sensor flaps on the robot’s stomach, though they’re hard to see on the truck hood with the angle of that photo. The black variant became G1 Trailbreaker, but he was available sooner in the US as Diakron DK-3.
City Super Tuning (later known as Honda City R) is still in the control art phase, showing a fantasy version of the robot and car, with the Motocompo trunk bike in the foreground. The toy would actually include the bike, but it was later dropped for the port to G1 Transformers as Skids.

Pages 13-14
Retail price ÷ age on market = size of product photo
Retail price ÷ age on market = size of product photo

Page 13
Diaclone’s mecha series
Fortress Robot X
-Battles 01 02 03
Sky Dasher
Drill Dasher
F-1 Dasher
Gats Blocker
Countach LP500S Super Tuning
Onebox Cherry Vanette
Countach Patrol Car Type
New Diaclone Series
Car Robot
Page 14
Battle Buffalo
-Battle Header
-Battle Breaster
-Battle Wrecker
Robot & Robo DX
Double Soldier
Robot & Robo
Twin Combat
Powered Suits
Sky Base
-Mach Powered
-Earth Powered
-Land Powered
Big Powered
Cosmo Roller
Power Base
Robot Base
Onebox Ambulance Type
4WD Hilux
City Super Tuning
Waruder Army
Here are all the Waruder Mecha to challenge you!
Walk Insecter 1 Walk Insecter 2
Mosquider Arinder Sasorander
The final spread is a checklist of all currently available toys. This is the last such list to include a comprehensive look back to 1980, as subsequent catalogs dropped many of the older offerings to include new product. It’s already apparent who won’t make the cut next round by how Power Bases, Dashers, and the venerable Dia-Battles are barely squeezed in. Don’t worry about poor Dia-Battles, though, he gets his day a little later.
Back Cover
*Wistful anime closing theme music plays*
*Wistful anime closing theme music plays.*

Diaclone Corps three vows
1 It is right to try to act with courage.
2 Do not forget the friendly love for peace.
3 Let’s fight the Waruder Army.
We close with the three vows of Diaclone Corps, however incongruous they may appear (but we’ve discussed that before…). This is the least plain back cover, adding the stock art of Diaclone Corpsmen (and women) over a solar system space shot. Takara also tries out two different Diaclone logos, one in Latin letters with a color gradient, and one in chrome-looking embossed Katakana. These bring the number of unique Diaclone logos featured on the back covers to five in just three years. In fact, Takara got so burned-out on new logo designs for the back cover, that the 1983 catalog doesn’t have any.
With more and more recognizable toys showing up by the day, Diaclone’s eventual transition to Transformers was all but fated. 1982 was the last year featuring whole-cloth sci-fi mecha in any significant numbers. Legendary designers like Kojin Ohno had won out with their groundbreaking Robots in Disguise, and toy sales told the rest of the story. But, there are still three years of Diaclone product to come, and we’ll tell THAT story here… Read on!

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