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At Transformerland, we have been in business since 1997. We sincerely believe going the extra mile for our customers is an essential part of our being. We are a small outfit of avid toy fans, so every issue gets the direct attention of the people who prepare, pack, and send your order.

If you need help with an order, have a question, or would like to sell toys, please contact us!

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Contact Info

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Phone: (352) 870-2888, ask for Matt

( Live Chat )

Skype: transformerland

( E-Mail )

[email protected] -- order specific questions

[email protected] -- sell your toys to TFL

[email protected] -- all other inquiries

ordering info and other questions related to the store and buying: [email protected] (or you can try our shopping cart)
sell or trade something: [email protected]
linking questions, please find us on facebook, twitter, or IM.
If you have a question about an item sale, please check our Store FAQ before submitting an email!

Ordering and Payment Instructions


Either use our shopping cart system, or simply send an email to [email protected] containing the following information and we will reply with your invoice:

1. A list (including prices) of what you want to order from our site
2. Your payment option (see choices below)
3. The country where you want your order shipped


Ease your fears, tons of references available upon request. We want you to be happy with your orders, so we guarantee your purchases with purchase-price refunds if you are not satisfied!

(Terms and Conditions)

Some countries have a very high customs fee that can run over 50% of the cost of your order. Please take this fact into account when you are deciding whether you want insurance. If the package is insured, the full value will be declared, and your customs department will charge you a fee based on that amount. Other options are to have your order sent registered or certified.
We are not responsible for lost or damaged UNINSURED packages

(Payments Methods)

Money order/Cashier's Check/Bank Draft in US funds
Check--subject to a 2 week clearing period
Paypal (now international)