CyberFembots - High Quality Custom Transformable Female Robots

Since the early days of the first generation transformers cartoon, fans have been clamoring for a transformable female robot. The entire US G1 toy line would pass without one single female being produced. In 1988, one female, Minerva (a headmaster Nightbeat repaint), was finally released. In the 90s and early 00s, several statues, figurines, model kits, and even transforming toys were released, but none would fully quench the thirst of old-school fan boys for high quality transforming toys that actually resembled the female form, as portrayed by characters like Elita-One, Firestar, Moonracer, Chromia, and Arcee.

Enter A Rabid Squirrel Productions. An unprecedented effort is underway to help assuage this imbalance. For legal and practical reasons, many of the details of this effort must remain shrouded in mystery for a short while, but check back here for details, pictures, and reviews as they become available!

Update 07/11/05: The following information has been okayed for dissemination:

Female Transformers Customs
Female Transformers Customs--A.R.C.

Female Transformers Customs--A.MD.C.

  • Line Name: Cyber Fembots
  • First Release: A.R.C. (Angelic Robot Car)
    • Features: Rolling Wheels, Dual Guns, Full Transformation
    • Release Date: November 2005
  • Second Release: A.MD.C. (Angelic Mechanic Car)
    • Features: Rolling Wheels, No Accessories, Open Hands, Neutral Face
    • Release Date: November 2005
    • Notes: A.MD.C. is a mechanic, and hence will have no guns. An appropriate accessory is in the planning stage. More info when available!
  • Pricing and Ordering:
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    • Let me be clear makes no money on CyberFembots, we didn't make them, we don't take any credit for making them, and we don't sell them (in fact, this actually probably siphons off potential orders from our site!) We think the product is outstanding, and support the manufacturer and their efforts. Tell 'em we sent ya!
  • Pre-Ordering:
    • No longer available
  • Updates:
    • 12/13/05 Linking to manufacturer's sale page has been OK'd. The production line will be limited to 200 pieces, and many have already sold!
    • 11/23/05 A.R.C. has arrived! Here's my review
      • Thumbnail Gallery: (see above)
      • General Information:
        Name: CFB-01 A.R.C. (Angelic Robot Car)
        Function: Warrior
        Release Date: November, 2005
        Generation: Custom Figures
        Subgroup: CyberFembots
        Manufacturer: Rabid Squirrel and Monolith Productions
        Price: Confidential (at this point)
        Accessories: Headmaster-type figure, plasma-recoil pistols x 2
      • Tech Specs:
        "CyberFembot A.R.C. was created by the ancients in a time before the great wars. Designed for battle, she's a powerhouse of destruction built on a sleek, sexy chassis. With a top speed of over 900mph in both cyber and vehicle modes, she is almost impossible to catch. Her massive plasma-recoil pistols fire ionized Carbonium rounds that tear through the thickest armor plate. A.R.C. believes there is nothing sweeter than utter annihilation of her enemies."
        Speed: 9 Firepower: 9 Caring: 6 Resolve: 7 Accuracy: 9 Passion: 8 Skill: 9
      • Alternate Mode:
        A.R.C. is a futuristic automobile inspired by the G1 Autobot Arcee (first appearance, Transformers: The Movie, 1986). The figure is molded from a sturdy resin, the color scheme is pink and white, the windshield and headlights are clear (though I hear the windshield will not be clear in the production pieces). Mold detailing is quite clear, very impressive for a custom piece. The four wheels-two attached to each thigh and two to the side panels-are trimmed with metal rims and rubber tires that actually roll! Her arms and legs fold up nicely underneath to form the chassis. Holes in the ankles allow the legs to fit into brass pins on the undercarriage to hold them in place. A bit of carving, scraping, and polishing may need to be done to get the individual parts to fit smoothly with little effort. For the assembled kit, the pink spoiler is detachable to allow access to the pelvis screw.

        The headmaster-like figure in robot mode (reminiscent of Daniel robot suit from Transformers: The Movie, and The Rebirth series) becomes the driver. The two plasma-recoil pistols can be mounted on either side of the spoiler for a nifty attack mode.

      • Transformation:
        A.R.C.'s transformation is the best part-it is totally believable. She is one solid, monolithic piece. Nothing needs to be detached and re-attached (except for the headmaster-like figure) to change from alternate to robot modes. The complexity of the transformation is neither too easy nor too difficult. Transformation is a rarity among custom jobs, and the amount of pre-planning that went into A.R.C. is very evident. She is even equipped with a tabbed chassis allowing her chest to lock into place in robot mode.

        Note that for the figure I received, both the ankles and the primary elbow joints have brass peaned pins. Production pieces will have screws.

      • Robot Mode:
        The robot mode, as was the case for the alternate mode, was inspired by Arcee. The muscle tone and overall sculpt are obviously feminine. She is well-proportioned such that nothing looks awkward or distorted. Her pistol holsters are placed within arms reach. Twenty-five points of articulation allow almost every pose you can dream up, as you can see from the gallery. The points of articulation include the neck, two shoulder blades, two shoulders (ball-and-socket), two upper arm, two upper elbows, two lower elbows, two wrists, two hip rotators, two hip swivel joints, two thigh swivel joints, two knees, two lower legs, and two ankles, plus the other points involved in the transformation which have been omitted from the count.

        Being a custom piece, the clearance and tolerances for the joints will vary from piece to piece. The shoulder joints for the figure I received were loose, but the tightness can easily be adjusted by adding clear nail polish or super glue to the joints (if using super glue, keep the joint rotating as the glue dries to avoid permanent fixation).

      • Packaging (deluxe sets only):
        A.R.C. comes packaged in alternate mode, wire-tied to a cardboard insert. Inside the package is a zip-loc bag containing her head, two pistols, and instruction booklet. The box artwork is inkjet-printed onto industrial grade photo paper, and folded into shape. Logo and action artwork appear on the box front, her tech specs are printed on the bottom of the box. Two stickers on either side flap seal the figure inside the box. What appears to be a prototype of A.R.C. and several images of the head are pictured on the back of the box.

        One neat gimmick near the UPC code is a bit of customized binary code. The code on package I received reads


        which when decoded reads "Made for Matt at"

      • Opinions: For me, the arrival of this piece rivaled the anticipation I had for the arrival of Unicron. I was not let down. The look, transformation, and articulation are just as good, if not better than any official release. The attention to detail is impeccable. Fine marks and grooves on the figure and weapons are not as crisp as typical Hasbro or Takara issues, but for custom resin molding are outstanding.

        Fragility is a big issue for resin molds. However, I've transformed A.R.C. several times with no breakage. Of course, I am experienced at handling these figures, and recognizing potential weak points, so extreme care must still be taken when posing and transforming. Potential breakage points on this figure would include the small, thin joints (the elbows, the knees, and the ankles).

        I don't have any complaints about this figure, per se, just a couple of suggestions for possible improvement. The head-I prefer a neutral look, perhaps a neutral sculpt could be offered at a nominal cost. Plus, the head I received had some pink schmootz on the right side. The waist-the only missing point of articulation! Due to the design, I'm not sure if this is possible, but it would be nice.

        I'll end with a final note to those considering purchasing this figure. This is not a mass-produced injection-molded item; it is more of a custom piece of art, made by a group of diligent and talented people. As such, keep your expectations realistic-not all pieces are going to fit perfectly into place, a certain amount of attention on your part will be needed (which for me, adds to its charm). If purchasing the unassembled kit, expect to spend a decent amount of time on assembly. If you are impatient, I highly recommend the pre-assembled piece (which is what I received). It will not be inexpensive, though from what I've seen of the pricing breakdown, the cost is well within reason-especially when you've considered all the different costs involved in production.

      • Final Grade: 9.5/10
    • 11/10/05 I am still waiting on my review piece, but I am told I can expect it next week. At that time, I will be able to answer all of the email I've received regarding quality/transformation. Detailed pictures will be taken for your viewing pleasure!
    • 11/09/05 Manufacturer no longer accepting pre-orders.
    • 07/02/05 I expect to have an actual production piece for review shortly. In the mean time, I have seen several images of the assembled and finished A.R.C. piece, and it looks beautiful in both robot and alternate modes. The transformation looks perfect!