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Review Thread Posting Guidelines

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Yes, finally an entire section devoted to forum member reviews of our favorite figures. Just like everything, though, with this power comes responsibility. Here are the guidelines to posting reviews.

1. Before posting reviews, use the search button. As there will be a theme to how to title in guideline 2, it should not be hard to find the review you are looking for if your search is narrowed to this sub-forum only. If there is already a thread regarding that figure, please add only to that one, and do not start a new thread.

2. When posting your review of your figure, if you are posting a new thread, please use the following format "Generation/size class/official toy name" This would mean the following would be the way to title the thread for deluxe Cannon Bumblebee from Revenge of the Fallen would be "ROTF Deluxe Cannon Bumblebee Review" Make sure to be specific with the name to prevent confusion between ROTF Deluxe Bumblebee and ROTF Deluxe Cannon Bumblebee! Any further questions or reviews for this fig go in that thread.
One figure can have multiple descriptors that are necessary: "Beast Wars Deluxe Transmetals Rattrap, Fox Kids repaint"
If they come in a two (or multiple) pack the title should include the two pack name as a feature. "Energon SWAT Team: Prowl and Checkpoint"
It seems difficult, but every little bit helps.

3. For anything older than ROTF, we ask that as of now, allow Admins or Mods only to start those threads. We'll work on putting up older review threads bit by bit, subdividing groups for review, such as G1 Minicars and G1 Decepticon Seeker jets.
Occasionally, we will open the flood gates for another generation of reviews to hit....Like giving free reign to review Armada toys. Keep an eye open!

4. Be as descriptive as possible. "It stinks." tells us you don't like it, but "The transformation on this figure is near impossible as the shoulder joints are too tight to fit into the tiny crevasse inside the chest cavity. It is a true chore, and will ultimately cause all but the most patient handlers to have a broken fig." tells us so much more.

Pics help also. If you can get a pic that conveys size in relation to other bots, or even your new bot in a funny scene, more power to you.

You are critiquing the figures. This does not mean you are making a comment regarding someone else's judgment ("You must be crazy not to like this bot!") or Hasbro as a whole. We all know the nature of the beast. There are winners in each line, and losers. There are some lines that are just not the cup of tea for some fans. Let this be informational, not inflammatory.

Things to remember in your reviews:
a) Ease of transformation- Is this really a level 2? Did you need a pry bar to separate the roof from the side door?

b) Overall appearnace- Does the vehicle actually resemble what it is supposed to look like? Is it actually a robot mode (I am looking at you TF1 Scorponok!)? Yeah, it transforms... but what it transforms into, I don't know... (ROTF Ravage). Are the colors gaudy?

c) Overall playability- Do the wheels turn? Do the arms and legs move around well, considering the other bots that were released around the same time? IE: you don't expect much leg articulation for G1's, but if legs don't move and the knees don't bend on a Classics Deluxes, it is a dud. Is it poseable?

d) Any surprises that you have found? Does the landing gear come down automatically on this one? Is there a secret port to combine with another character, that was unmentioned in the instructions? Was there an assembly error?

These reviews will allow us to discuss each figure and its finer points, without being buried by each new figure released. Get your opinion out there, not to mention some bragging rights on your new catch! Plus, if we like your review enough, we might ask to include it in the TFL review archive, full credit given!
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