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Transformerland 2.0!

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Some of you may have already noticed, but this week, we're rolling out an all-new version of the site one piece at a time! We're very excited to unveil not only a clean, new look, but also tons of new features and upgrades throughout the site.
Besides our modernized front page, you'll notice numerous new features throughout other parts of the site. The store is all-new and features RealPix? of the item, which you can click to magnify to see the finest detail. A new UI in the store listings view makes it easy to see what's on hold, what's in your cart, and what's available to come home to you! A cart counter top-right allows you to easily see how many items you've racked up while you're still shopping.
The archive has also seen a huge overhaul. The organization remains the same, but enter any toy entry (which can now be done by clicking the picture OR the name!), and you'll see a bunch of new functionality. Our famous Price Guide feature now generates a live thumbnail graph- see a snapshot of the price trend right away, or click for more detail. We're also rolling out sealed pictures of toys, full instructions and tech spec scans, as fast as we can scan them.
Another new feature I've been working on is informational articles about each toy- providing you with information about the history of the mold, details about the toy, a buyer's or owner's guide of weak points to look out for, variants, reissues, retools and redecos. Right now, I'm starting from the beginning, so be sure to check out your favorite '84 characters first! New articles will be posted every day!
Also in the works for the archive will be transformation videos- I'll walk you through the transformations of the toys, and help you to get that last part to fit just right!
It's been a lot of work, including a ton of work under-the-hood by our new webmaster, but it's really coming together.

TL;DRAll-New website: new store view, tons of new functionality in the archive!

One more big announcement: Minerva and I have moved to Gainesville, FL, and I will be working full-time for!
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