Transformation Videos coming to TFL! (Critique needed!)

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Transformation Videos coming to TFL! (Critique needed!)

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Hey all, I've been working hard on a new concept for the Archive. It's a new YouTube channel called StartChangeFinish (inspired by the G1 box top art). On the channel, I am posting video instructions to transform our favorite toys. The goal is to offer an alternative solution to the complaint that Transformers have become too complex and difficult. (I'm not happy with Hasbro's solution of shellformers and one-step transformations. Ever heard of Jumpstarters?)
I'm starting off simple though, with the classic 1984 characters. So far, we've posted up the '84 minibots. They're also linked directly from the archive! Check it out:

I'm looking for some honest critique from you guys. I want this channel to be top-notch, an alternative to sorting through video reviews when you just want to see the transformation. It's tough competition, so improvements will always be necessary.

There are some recognized issues that are already in process of being fixed:

-In a few videos, the TFL poster in the intro only shows up for one frame (FIXED)

-Need voiceover for the TFL sponsorship poster. (PLANNED)

-Intro needs to be faster-paced, more rhythmic Looking for ideas on this one: different sounds? Different concept altogether? Must be generic and applicable to all videos, so nothing specific to each character.

-Need custom video thumbnails. Must be relatively quick to create. Thinking of an archive pic of both modes, name overlaid. Open to ideas.

-Camera does not auto-focus, so I have been doing this by hand. Seems to be less of an issue with larger figures, but minis may require retakes when I am not able to focus quickly and smoothly when changing depth in field.

-Pacing will improve as I get more used to timing, scripting, etc.

Let me know your thoughts. Be brutally honest, so I can improve quickly! I'd like to get some more '84s up soon.
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