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Name- Jazz.

Weapons- Ion rifle, re-chargable beam pistol.

Group- Autobots

Rank- Sub Commander, 2nd in command.

Jazz is cool, calm, and the sub commander in the Autobots. If a leadership gap must be filled, Jazz is the bot for the job. Always the one with the cool head, he leads his troops into battle without fear. Jazz is no push-over though, not afraid to scrap some lousy decepticreep. Oh, by the way, if any higher ranks die, only then will Jazz lead, so he's not always 2nd in command.
Jazz- Sub Commander, special ops leader, all around awesome bot.
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Optimal Optimus

mukky trukky and plaane

leader of the maximals

autobot/maximal hybrid

strong and heavly armed but would rather pursue peace than fight

mukky trukky and plaane
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hello... late to the party...

oh and I am bringing my four friends along as well. :wink:
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