Trypticon (Decepticon city)

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Post by Rumble »

*Returning to Trypticon after receiving the recall order during their energy gatering mission, the casseticons find the city quiet. Rumble looks around and scratches his head.*

"Wheres everyone got to?" he says as he makes his way inside the Decepticon city. Rounding a corner he finds Stalker and the rest of the forces gathered around a makeshift table playing cards.

"Rumble, you took your time." Stakler says calmly "Deszaras told me to send you back to Cybertron as soon as you reared ugly that face of yours." Stalker narrows his eyes. "Hurry up and get to the space bridge, I want to finish my game."

*Rumble decides that he has taken enough time as it is to return home, so ignores Stalkers remark. Making it to the space bridge, Rumble and the rest of the cassettes are transported back to Cybertron.*
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Post by Deszaras »

The space bridge opens and Deszaras walks down the exit ramp. Stalker just stands there looking smug."well what is it?"

Stalker chuckles. "We've done so much damage that the autobots are wanted criminals the world over. While we stockpile so much energy you could put a light to it and call it a sun. So what brings you back so soon?"

"Hydrothermocline" Deszaras states.

"Oh that" Stalker says.
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