S'Plastic: Kaon (missile bay SW11-38)

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TLD pulls out his massive proton blaster and attaches a silencer to it. He watches Jazz fly off into the distance, dust flying up behind him.

I thought we were trying for stealth...oh well.

He runs up to a massive external wall and plants a charge on it. 30 seconds later, a massive blast shakes the surrounding area. He steps calmly through a hole in the wall and takes out his blaster, silently blasting a security camera off the wall. Then, he hears a small voice from behind him.

Now stop RIGHT there!

TLD turns around and sees an Autobot aiming at his face with a blaster.

Don't make me destroy you...
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Post by Rhymus »

Jazz hurls Dan aside dismissively; Dan manages to recover himself in time to transform his exo-suit's arms into rocket boosters and save himself from what could otherwise have been a very damaging, perhaps even lethal landing. He is about to use his rocket boosters to fly back at Jazz and the Last Decepticon, but pauses and takes a look around. Dan realizes he has landed not far from one of Kaon's external defensive turrets--turret 246879. He searches for and quickly finds its manual override controls, activating them and thereby unknowingly saving Shockwave from being gunned down by the turret. The turret's manual controls are designed for a normal-sized Transformer--in other words, someone much larger than Dan is without a Transtector--but Dan quickly sets to work figuring out how to establish an interface between his suit and the turret.

Meanwhile, Jazz and the Last Decepticon have split up, and Shockwave has abandoned his weapon "mode" to approach the Last Decepticon. Shockwave catches up with the Last Decepticon just as the Last Decepticon is blasting his way into Kaon.

As the Last Decepticon steps through the hole in the wall, shooting out a security camera as he goes, Shockwave points a spectro-gun at the intruder's head and shouts, "Now stop RIGHT there!"

TLD turns around and sees an Autobot aiming at his face with a blaster.

"Don't make me destroy you..." the Last Decepticon says.

Shockwave retorts, "I am TRANSFORMED! If you strike me DOWN, I shall BECOME more powerful than you CAN possibly imagine! You're under arrest in the name of HADOKEN!" On the last word, he brings his other spectro-gun to bear as well and fires on the Last Decepticon with both barrels. Without waiting to see if the shots hit or did any damage, Shockwave dives between the Last Decepticon's legs and shoots him in the groin.

Certain that the Last Decepticon is down for the count (certainly, such an attack would incapacitate any organic opponent, so it seems perfectly logical to Shockwave that the same tactic would be equally applicable against a robot), Shockwave bellows victoriously, "Shockdrive, MOTORIZE!" and transforms into his vehicle mode to start pursuing Jazz. Shockwave gives chase while driving in reverse, reasoning that when he catches up with and then passes Jazz, they'll automatically wind up face-to-face when they transform.

Whatever retaliation the Last Decepticon might have in mind for Shockwave, a burst of energy fire interrupts: Dan has managed to take control of turret 246879, swinging around this one of Kaon's external defense turrets so that it aims into Kaon itself, Dan setting his sights on the Last Decepticon where he stands in the breach he made. Of course, Dan goes for head shots: he does not want to damage the Last Decepticon too badly below the neck, because that would diminish the Last Decepticon's usefulness as a Transtector.
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Post by Jazz »

Jazz continues to zip around the area, music on the loudest setting.

"Rawahahahaha!!! C'mon, you Autobums should lighten up!"

Jazz had learned the art of distraction by fellow Decepticon Smokescreen. Although Jazz had no electric smoke ar flare bombs, he had wit, and music so loud it could be picked up a mega-mile away.

Dodging turret fire, Jazz noticed a purple Autobot vehicle coming up from behind. It was gaining on him...in reverse.

"Heh, I like your style Autobum...."

Jazz transforms into his robot mode.

"Its a shame I have to slaughter you!"

Two large speakers pop out of Jazz's lower legs and blast two powerful audio-waves at the purple robot.

The waves hit, shattering windows and cracking the roof. The vehicle transforms into Shockwave.

Hiding his two Speaker-Shatter Blasters he pulls out his Ion-Pistol.

"So, you got past Big 'Con? Slippery little weakling!"

Jazz fires, hitting Shockwave dead center in the chest.

Shockwave, still aching from the audio blast, is sent flying a few feet back.

A dull ringing is all he hears in his audio receptors. He pulls out his weapon.

Jazz smirks, and with the short time he has until Shockwave recovers he radios TLD.

"Big 'Con, this is Jazz. Do you have the item yet?"

Only a muffled "Mother of The Fallen, my lugnuts....." is heard. Then a sound of a fleshling and turret fire.

"Ok...I'll give you some more time....."
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Post by The Last Autobot »

The Last Decepticon finishes patting out the flames now blossoming across his groin, when, from the corner of his optical receptor, sees a flash of light heading for him. He moves to dodge but is grazed along the left side of his face.

Gah! It just never gets any easier!

He runs inside and hides behind the wall he'd recently blown a hole in as the turret begins firing more rapidly, chipping away at the wall. He pops out and fires a few controlled bursts at the turret and darts back behind the wall, waiting to make his next move...