S'Plastic Deep Beneath Cybertron

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S'Plastic Deep Beneath Cybertron

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The Last Decepticon sat in the gloom, slowly polishing his weapon. After Unicron had reawakened him, he had made this secret area his base on Cybertron. From here he conducted raids or whatever else Unicron or Cambreaker ordered him.

Jazz, I have new orders from my master. We are to investigate the recently bombed out Autobot base at Kaon.

He stood slowly, and heard Jazz clanking around in the dark.

Whaddya keep all these lights off for? I can't see fer nothin'!

TLD was growing impatient, and so he flicked on his night vision optics before locating Jazz. He picked him up and set him on his shoulder before
activating the lift that took them out of the lair. In truth, he couldn't stand Jazz, but the little fellow was a mean fighter, and he was a little bit addled too, so TLD felt they made a good team when it came to combat. In other aspects...not so much. Regardless, he armed his rifle and pistol and slid the sword into its sheath, ready for action.
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Post by Jazz »

What could be at that dinky little piece of scrap?
Jazz asked as he looked over his Photon Rifle and Ion pistol. Jazz could care less about how mighty The Last Decepticon was, but the two made an excellent strike force, and also shared a common intrest in morbid humor. (EX: Deactivated protoforms)

The two continued to the ruined city of Kaon.
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