Planet of Junk

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Wreck Gar
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Planet of Junk

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A beacon has been transmitted from Iacon throughout the galaxy..

Autobots to return to Iacon for a meeting

Wreck-Gar stops what he was doing and gets in his ship made from junk.
He sits in the captains chair and turns the engine on. Putting on his seatbelt...

Then launching his shuttle into space towards Cybertron planet.

Who's faster than a speeding bullet? HEERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAY!!
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Re: Junkion Planet

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((OOC: The Junkion ship from the 1986 movie was named the Minnow (after the ship from the TV show Gilligan's Island) according to 2009's Transformers: The Complete Ark sourcebook. However, 1) that ship was destroyed in the movie, and 2) we're making up our own continuity here anyhow. So, i suggest that this ship be named Enterprise, after the TV starship, the TV show about the early days of that starship, and the TV ads for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. (i wanted to name it after the Millennium Falcon, since i tend to think the Falcon and the Junkion ship would have more in common, both being prone to breakdowns and jury-rigged patch-up jobs, but Star Trek and the Enterprise are on TV more often than Star Wars and the Falcon, so the Junkions would be more likely to know about the Enterprise.) i also think that, just as the Ark's computer is named Teletraan I, the Junkion ship's computer should be named HAL, after the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.))

Wreck Gar wrote:BUCKLE UP IT'S THE LAW!
"Click it or ticket, TicketMaster dot com," agrees the Junkion named Survivor. "What's your price for flight?"

"'Cause I'm leavin'," sings one named Energizer, "on a jet plane."

"Don't know when I'll be back again," Radiohead adds. "I'm the Rocket Man."

"Rocket Man!" Nova echoes. "Up, up, and away!"

"To infinity and beyond!" Mr. Roboto chimes in.

"Birds fly over the rainbow," sings Alias. "Why, then, oh, why can't I?"

"Taste the rainbow," Energizer affirms.

Wreck-Gar launches the shuttle into space towards Cybertron planet.

"We're breakin' free!" Energizer sings.

"We're soarin'," Mr. Roboto sings, "flyin'--there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach."
Wreck Gar wrote:Who's faster than a speeding bullet? HEERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAY!!
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