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Current Autobot Roster

Post by Blackjack »

This is a revision of the earlier roleplay character rosters created by Galvatron (thanks Galvy). With the shifting events of the roleplay over the last few years, the cast of characters has significantly changed. In order to avoid confusion about who is currently playing I would like it if anyone who is an AUTOBOT currently involved in the roleplay could post a character profile here. I would prefer that your profile be layed out in the following way.


Function: Character's role or job within their faction.

Character Stats (optional): This isn't a neccessary thing to do, but it's fun and gets you thinking about how your character comapares to other player's characters. If you're using a character straight out of some TF continuity feel free to just post that character's stat card if you know it. The stats represented here are the following. If anyone has a better (or official) description of what the stats stand for, please let me know.

STR: Strength, the character's physical strength.
INT: Intelligence: the character's mental ability not exclusively IQ.
SPD: Speed, the character's reaction time and physical speed.
END: Endurance: the character's toughness and ability to take damage.
RNK: Rank: a rough estimate of the character's place on their faction's chain of command.
COR: Courage: a rough estimate of the character's bravery.
FRP: Firepower: a rough estimate of how much heat a character is packing.
SKL: Skill: a rough estimate of how competent a character is at performing most tasks.

Character Description: What the character looks like. Please post this even if you're playing a well known character (like Optimus Prime). Include a description of the character's alt mode(s). This can be as short or detailed as you would like.

Character Bio: Can be a few sentences or a long, epic tale of the character's past and present condition. Regardless of the length, details are always appreciated. You don't need to share everything, for instance if your character has a deep secret that not many people know about don't put it here.

Weapons/Abilities: What does the character use in combat? What else can the character do? What are they known for?

Weaknesses: Every character should have some weakness. Can be as simple as a malfunctioning weapon or as complicated as an irrational fear of things flying overhead.

Dialogue Font Color: (if you use this) Many players have started using a specific color for their character's speech text. Please let us know what color you use so that we can tell you apart.

Character Owned Ships, Binary Bonded Partners, Vehicles, etc. Just list and give a brief description. You can make a separate entry for them if you would like.


Function: Current Autobot leader. Former infiltration specialist.

STR: 6
INT: 9
SPD: 9
END: 7
RNK: 9
COR: 5
FRP: 6
SKL: 10

Description: A relatively small transformer; shorter than average transformers (Rachet, Ironhide) but taller than cassettebots or small transformers (Bumblebee, Cliffjumper). Body is all black with a gold face, hands, and some miscellaneous parts. Alt mode is a Lotus Esprit John Player's Special colored black with gold trim and a gold interior. Has an Autobot symbol and a gold ace of spaces on his front hood in Esprit mode.

Bio: Once a skilled stealth and infiltration expert (and expert gambler) under the command of Optimus Prime, Blackjack opted to stay behind on Cybertron when the Autobot commander headed off to Earth. He fought bravely against the Decepticons until the loss of his close friend Roulette caused him to take another look at the war. He left Cybertron and went in search of another way of life. Finding his way to the gambling planet Monacus, Blackjack united with an ex-member of Nebulon's undercover police organization. The two teamed up to tackle tough illegal gambling rings. On a number of his investigations, Blackjack became increasingly invovled with the Decepticon Space Mafia and their leader Pinstripe. During a vicious shootout with Pinstripe's goons Blackjack was critically injured. Only through bonding with his Nebulon partner through the Headmaster process did he survive the ordeal. Blackjack escaped from Monacus with his life intact.

After many years of searching through space for answers and a place to call his own, Blackjack received an Autobot transmission asking for all Autobots to return to Iacon. He returned to find a changed group of Autobots led by Rodimus Prime fighting a completely different war against the Decepticons. Blackjack lent his stealth expertise to the group and went on to unite with his and advise his long time friend Cambreaker who became the eventual Autobot leader.

Now many years have passed and Cambreaker has mysteriously left Cybertron on some mission. Blackjack decides that he must unite the remaining Autobots and reluctantly lead them against an unknown Decepticon threat.

Weapons/Abilities: A decent marksman, Blackjack's prized weapon is an long range ion rifle with an auto-fire option. He uses his knowledge of stealth and his full cloaking suite to get the right positions to take down his enemies silently. When not using stealth to his advantage, Blackjack enjoys getting in close and taking down the 'cons with a few well-placed kicks (his headmaster partner taught him a few things about hand-to-hand combat). Blackjack's stealth is complimented by a complete tracking system, a small-scale hologram projector, and a weak surface-thought scanner (mostly used for cheating at cards).

Weaknesses: Being a smaller transformer, Blackjack doesn't have the durability and fighting skill of other Autobots. His reckless behaviors, based mainly around gambling on outcomes, are unbefitting an Autobot leader and he puts himself in danger rather than risk other's sparks. Blackjack has never led anyone aside from a few raids on the DSM and he doesn't really know what it will be like to lead the Autobots.

Font Color: Black (Bold).

Possessions: Blackjack has a headmaster partner named Brakkas Garlon, a former Nebulon security officer and grizzled veteran. Brakkas takes a no nonsense approach to fighting the Decepticon menace. His experience and council have helped Blackjack through many a tough situation.

Compensating for his size and lack of frontline staying power, Blackjack highjacked one of Megatron's pet projects: a powerful tank weapon. With the help of his friend Double Clutch, Blackjack rebuilt the tank into a transformer named the Royal Flush. Although the Flush currently does not have its own sentience, Blackjack and one other Autobot can pilot it safely. It still retains its tank alt mode (based on Megatron's G2 tank form) with powerful cannons. The Royal Flush's robot mode is similar in size to a combiner team. Its cannons transform into a larger version of Blackjack's ion rifle. The flush can fly and transport a small number of other Autobots. It is also capable of space travel.
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Post by Sideways »


Function: Scientist / Communications Expert

STR: 7
INT: ??
SPD: 7/11 (reaction time / physical speed)
END: 5
RNK: 4
COR: 6
FRP: 6
SKL: 10

Description: Slightly taller then the average transformer. Transforms into a Black 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda. Has above average intelligence and skill with anything electronic.

Bio: After the disappearance of Cambreaker and the Decepticons, Sideways retreated to his hidden lab. He has not been seen for some time, rumor has it he blew himself up.

Weapons/Abilities: Sideways prefers not to fight, he'd rather provide electronic support to his Autobot comrades on the battlefield.

Weaknesses: Can be considered a loner by some. He prefers the comfort of his ships and equipment then actually being in the action himself.

Dialogue Font Color: Red (Bold)
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Post by Dinobot »


Function: Combat expert/War Planner

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4
Endurance: 8
Rank: 6
Courage: 9
Firepower: 4
Skill: 9

Description: Dinobot is a beast style robot in the shape of an ancient velociraptor. While he may not be fast, his fighting ability is second to none.

Bio: Dinobot is an ancient Predacon turned Maximal that was re-awakened in the future to fight along side autobots. He is a ferocious warrior and is always looking for a way to do battle. He has an overwhelming sense of honor, and will sometimes rush head long into a fight for almost any reason, which also makes him question the leadership of his faction. He sometimes doesnt feel he has really earned his respect from his comrades for the heinous acts he commited while in the presence of his former master Predacon Megatron.

Weapons/abilites: Dinobot comes equiped with laser eyes, a tail that separates into a shield and sword, and a set of transmetal armor that is used in times of war that significantly alter his appearance and abilites.

Weaknesses: Dinobot is a ferocious warrior, but that can sometimes backfire. He is always looking for a fight, and that can sometimes lead him right into an ambush and getting slagged. Dinobot is also not very fast so he has to rely on others to transport him or use his ship to mobilize in a hurry.

Dialogue font color: Dark red

Character owned ship: The Sky Claw
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Post by Time Traveller »


Allegiance: Autobot

Function: Autobot Commander (See current commander, Blackjack)

STR 10
END 10

Cambreaker is large. Larger than he was before he got his new body. Cambreaker's alternate mode is a MAZ-73131 eight-wheel-drive mobile battlefield command post. His robot mode is bulky, squarish, and heavily armored. He has taken a gray camouflage paint scheme to better blend with the Cybertronian tunnels and ruins he now calls his home, but his helmet is still painted white and blue, like his original alt mode. His blazing blue optics glow from beneath a visorlike structure on his brow.

After the third and fourth Autobots known to handle the matrix turned Decepticon, Cambreaker led a full evacuation of Iacon to his ship, the Ætherspite. Having reunited with his crew, (Minerva, Redline, Double Clutch, and Bombsight) as well as old friends like Blackjack, he has surrounded himself with only his most trusted friends, fearing betrayal again. The one thing all the high-ranking Autobot betrayers have had in common... the Matrix... has become a swear word in his presence. The betrayal and defeat at Iacon has played heavily into his resolve, and he has hardened somewhat since his time back on Cybertron has been filled with naught but bad news for the Autobots.

RECENTLY: Cambreaker has disappeared mysteriously and without notification to even his closest confidantes. He has taken the 'Spite with him, and its location is unknown. TO BE CONTINUED.... *dramatic end-of-ep G1 trumpet music*

Weapons and Abilities:
Cambreaker's new body takes the form of an MAZ-73131 mobile battlefield command post. He carries communications arrays, excellent sensors and scanners, and even a small tracking radar to help him coordinate all parts of a battle at once. Inside his truck mode, he retains the facilities for on-site repair and fabrication, as well as room for a couple smaller bots inside. His rear superstructure has a retractable conning tower, for extra recon capability or for a mobile sniper post. He had his body designed with extra reinforcement and redundant systems, dissatisfied with the performance of his old body, sturdy though it was.
Cambreaker has also undergone the headmaster process, using a mock-up of his old self that Galvatron had built (to use as a Voodoo doll) to form his new head component. Because it is not a separate sentience, it does not grant the full benefit of a binary bonded headmaster, but he found it necessary to maintain his versatility despite his larger size. He maintains his original armament, a Plasma rifle, and his favorite Battleaxe. His truck roof becomes his new shield, forged from the gravity-folded armor plate on the walls of the Charr fortress. Other systems may have been added in secret by his trusted friends, Minerva and Redline.

His new body has done away with most of his physical weaknesses, however Cambreaker's first and foremost weakness is his utter loathing of the Autobot Matrix. He has become wary of many of his troops, always calculating a way to survive any more betrayals. As long as none have handled the matrix, they should be trustworthy...

Dialogue font: Bold blue.

External Posessions: Cambreaker is the master and commander of the warship Ætherspite. It is currently MIA with Cambreaker. Hold the "Alt" key and type 0198 before letting go to make the "Æ".
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Post by Minerva »


Function: Autobot medical officer

Character Stats:

STR: 5
INT: 8
SPD: 7
END: 6
RNK: 8
COR: 8
FRP: 6
SKL: 9

Character Description:
Like many other female transformers she has a slender build and is also comparatively short in robot mode. Her alternate mode is a white and red Porsche 959.


Character Bio: -

Her weapon of choice is a Shock gun.
Due to her tiny frame she's very lithe and can move swiftly in robot mode.

Her agility in robot mode comes with a price: less armor.

Dialogue Font Color: Blue
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Post by Jazz »


Function: Autobot Special Operations Leader


STR: 7
INT: 8
SPD: 7
END: 6
RNK: 8
Cor: 9
FRP: 5
SKL: 8

Bio/Descritption:Jazz is cool, calm, and the sub commander in the Autobots. If a leadership gap must be filled, Jazz is the bot for the job. Always the one with the cool head, he leads his troops into battle without fear. Jazz is no push-over though, not afraid to scrap some lousy Decepticreep. He's not always 2nd in command. Always pairs up with TLA for certain missions. He can always be the one to provide music to his fellow Autobots after a battle to ease the robots circuits.

After a Decepticon ambush at Iacon, some of Jazz's close friends were killed. These Autobots were known as the Magnificent 7, and only Jazz survived, wounded. The near-offline Jazz ended up deep beneath Cybertron, where a giant robot, only know as The Last Autobot healed him using amazing powers.

Weapons/Abilities: Rechargable Ion Pistol, small Laser Rifle. Able to deploy "Sonic Sound" speakers from his lower legs, the sound blasts able to shatter and crumple metal.

Weakness: His average size and lack of firepower, but he makes for it in quick wit.

Font Color: Bolded Blue.
Jazz- Sub Commander, special ops leader, all around awesome bot.
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Post by Rhymus »

Time Traveller wrote:Hold the "Alt" key and type 0198 before letting go to make the "Æ".
...Those Alt+whatever shortcuts for special letters, etc. have NEVER worked for me before. Someone told me those shortcuts don't work on laptops, which is what i have.

Naturally, i decided to warn all of you about it, and what do you know? i got it working.

i don't think it'll work on a Macintosh, though. As i recall, Macs use the [open Apple] key and some related key on the keyboard to get special characters--like [open Apple]+n+n to get ñ.

One of my other tricks is to find the letter that i want and copy-and-paste it where i need it. So if Alt+0198 doesn't work for you, just find a post where TT mentions the Ætherspite and copy/paste.
Blackjack wrote:INT: Intelligence: the character's mental ability not exclusively IQ.
Good thing we're not just talking about IQ--we'd be in trouble if our most intelligent TFs had an IQ of 10.
Blackjack wrote:END: Endurance: the character's toughness and ability to take damage.
i know TF Tech Specs just had the one rating for Endurance, but i propose three:

DUR: Durability: the character's ability to take a hit without taking damage
END: Endurance: the character's ability to remain online and active after taking damage
STM: Stamina: the undamaged character's ability to remain online and active without recharging
Sideways wrote:Sideways

SPD: 7/11 (reaction time / physical speed)
Aren't we working on a scale of 1-10 here? Was 11 just a Typo Demon?

...Oh, yeah, i was here to post a character profile, wasn't i?


Research and Development

Tech Specs
STR _ _ _ _ 4
INT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7
SPD _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 10
DUR _ _ _ _ 4
END _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7
STM _ _ _ _ _ _ 6
RNK _ _ _ 3
COR _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 8
FRP _ _ _ 3
SKL _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7

Physical appearance
Vehicle mode is a bulldozer of Terran make and model, dark yellow with black treads and a dark gray blade. Humanoid robot mode has bulldozer blade as robot chest ((sort of like G1 toy Bonecrusher, only the bulldozer blade is flat rather than scoop-like)), bulldozer treads attached to robot shoulders (when his arms are at his sides, the treads extend above his head and slightly below his elbows). Looks very strong and highly resistant to damage in both modes.

Makeway wants to be an inventor, but along the way he has also faithfully served the Autobots as warrior, laboratory assistant, construction worker, road maintenance worker, equipment maintenance and repairman, field medic, and even a sort of unofficial ambassador or liaison between the Cybertronian Autobots and the Junkions, living as he did on their home planet for a certain period of time. A creative thinker who has worked for or with Autobot inventors like Grapple, Wheeljack, Windmill, and Quickmix, but not as innovative when left to his own devices. He is also a bit of a dreamer, concocting schemes and ideas beyond what his intellect would actually enable him to accomplish. He is more successful as a racer; if being an inventor is his calling and being an Autobot soldier is his duty, racing is his hobby and what he's best at.

Makeway is fast--one of the fastest Autobots there is, sometimes leaving his own afterimage trailing in his wake like G1 Blurr, and even able to briefly match Blurr's top speed and sustain it for up to 2 breems (2 breems = 16 minutes + 36 seconds). He is learning to act slower than he is so he can catch opponents off guard with his surprising speed, which is especially surprising when he is in bulldozer mode. He is fairly intelligent and creative, although not as much as he might like. He does better as a collaborator or following instructions, and works diligently at whatever tasks are before him. In scientific experiments as well as on the battlefield, he uses a reactor gun he helped G1 Wheeljack design; derived from the systems utilized by G1 Ironhide's built-in chemical sprayers, the reactor gun can shoot a variety of chemicals which have different effects when mixed in different combinations. (Makeway's reactor gun is a working prototype consisting of a pistol the size of his hand, with a compartmentalized canister the size of his forearm attached to the rear of the gun. The design of this prototype was refined, enhanced, streamlined, and integrated into Ironhide's laser rifle to create the weapon Ironhide wields today.) Makeway has excellent aim; his acute vision is also useful in scientific studies, maintenance/repair/medical work. He is also fairly brave. His treads wrap around storage compartments where he keeps his reactor gun when not in use, usually along with a stash of conductors (which, while less potent than energon, are cheaper than energon and, in Makeway's opinion, "taste" better). With his gun and his usual complement of conductors stowed away, each compartment usually has enough room left over to fit a large adult Human (although two small Humans, even children, can be a tight fit) or similarly sized cargo.

Although Makeway looks very strong and difficult to damage, he is actually rather weak and fragile by Cybertronian standards--no stronger than an actual bulldozer of Earthling manufacture, nor any more resistant to damage. He consumes fuel at a somewhat accelerated rate, limiting his stamina and the energy he has available for weapons; his prototype reactor gun is not as potent as the final design because he lacks the energy to power any heavier artillery, restricting him to low firepower. The gun also can not shoot as far as most Transformers' guns. While he is intelligent, he is not as intelligent as he would like, which sometimes keeps him from being able to follow through on his ideas to completion.

Dialogue font color
((OOC: i'll use bold orange text if i remember and no one else needs the color, okay?))
The Last Autobot wrote:STARS, bold orange is what I use. Sorry, pal.
((No worries. Let's try something new: Maybe--
"This is what it looks like when Makeway speaks."

Related characters
G1 Wheeljack: Among other things, Makeway helped Wheeljack enhance G1 Ironhide's built-in chemical sprayers as a handheld weapon design. Makeway also suggested that Wheeljack install "accident suppressant" systems (smoke detectors hardwired to automatic fire extinguishers, circuit breakers against electrical overloads, etc.) in Wheeljack's various labs, and helped Wheeljack design and install them; during this process, Wheeljack was also inspired to alter his own forearm so that he could retract his fist and deploy a fire extinguisher in its place.

G1 Grapple: Autobot architect Grapple's buildings are works of art; while working under contract helping Grapple construct one of his edifices, Makeway gave Grapple the idea of designing buildings to be multi-functional as well, leading to such designs as Grapple's solar tower ((from "The Master Builders")).

G1 Windmill & G1 Quickmix (with Boomer & Ricochet): Windmill enjoys the challenge of revamping discarded metallic substances to create new forms of laser weaponry; Makeway helped make the weapons more energy efficient, hoping to come up with one for himself that would draw less power without reducing its output. Neither Makeway nor Windmill could make anything more powerful than Makeway's reactor gun that Makeway could use, but they did manage to increase the output of Windmill's designs without increasing power expenditure. Makeway would later take the lessons learned from his work with Windmill and apply it while working on an unrelated project with the Autobot chemist Quickmix, perfecting Double-Targetmaster technology and applying it to Quickmix's Nebulan partners, Boomer and Ricochet, modifying their exo-suits so that they could combine into an even more powerful weapon.

G1 Kup, G1 Snarl, & G1 First Aid: Makeway was part of Kup's work crew ((in TFTM)) immediately prior to the Decepticons' attack on Autobot City. (Makeway was taken out early in the battle and buried in a rockslide of fragments of Lookout Mountain. He was discovered by Snarl and repaired by First Aid sometime after Unicron's defeat.)

Makewaves & Microwaves: Makeway and Makewaves met when somebody's computer programming error caused them to start receiving one another's messages. They have been friends practically since they met during their attempts to correct the error in the communications system. She loves to race, too, and is almost as fast as he is (except when he utilizes his Blurr-like super-speed). Most of their races are on foot, since she transforms into a speedboat. ((Microwaves is Makewaves's friend, but i'm not sure yet if Microwaves is a Targetmaster weapon, or a minion like one of G1 Soundwave's or G1 Blaster's tapes, or a part of her like G1 Roller is to G1 Optimus Prime.))

G1 Junkions, Alias in particular: For a time, Makeway lived on the Planet of Junk. There were plenty of spare parts, raw materials, and working space for his experiments, prototypes, etc., and if anything went wrong (or even if things went right, if he was testing weapons, for example), how much damage could be done to what was already junk? He was also curious what a race of Transformers not native to Cybertron (or Earth, although Transformers created on Earth were created by Transformers native to Cybertron, so they were essentially of the same culture) would be like. Since he himself could be easily damaged, he was particularly interested in learning how they could quickly and easily repair themselves. He has made use of Junkion methods on himself and others as a field medic, although those methods are usually just stopgap measures for most non-Junkion Transformers (including himself), since their construction is more deliberate and precise and therefore calls for more deliberate and precise repairs. Alias was one of the Junkions Makeway got to know best while living on the Planet of Junk. (Alias met and teamed up with the other members of the A-Team later, after Makeway moved back to Cybertron.)

((OOC: i'm not planning on playing any of Makeway's related characters, except maybe Makewaves, Microwaves, and of course the A-Team Junkions; mostly i just mentioned them as a kind of expanded bio for Makeway, to illustrate what kind of projects he has worked on, and the fact that so many of those projects were not exclusively his own inventions.))
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Post by The Last Autobot »

STARS, bold orange is what I use. Sorry, pal.


The Last Autobot


The Last Autobot is a massive, powerful warrior, dwarfing most Transformers (Optimus Prime barely reaches the middle of his knees). However, this size costs him speed, yet gives him great strength. He has the ability to bring Autobots back to life if they have fallen in battle. He carries a large sonic pulse machine gun (that looks like like an HK XM8), a smaller, powerful pistol (that looks like a Boltok from Gears 2), an energo longsword and a large shield. The shield, when not in use, turns into the panels on his shoulders as seen in the G1 comic. He transforms into a huge spaceship that can be used to transport other Autobots if necessary. His alt mode is piloted (or at least appears to be) by a smaller holographic representation of himself. The machine gun turns into a turret on the top and the pistol turns into a smaller cannon underneath the ship.



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Post by Rattrap »


Function: Maximal Stealth Operative

STR: 5
INT: 10
SPD: 9
END: 5
RNK: 7
COR: 7
FRP: 6
SKL: 10

Character Description: A smaller than average 'bot with a large grey rat as an alt mode.

Character Bio: A former engineer and long-time soldier, Rattrap was blown through time as a result of a transwarp explosion. Serving under Cambreaker, Rattrap directed a number of special projects and was involved with operations on Earth and the destruction of Kaon. Following a large explosion at Iacon and the disappearance of the Ætherspite, Rattrap vanished.

Reawakened with significant memory gaps, Rattrap is eager to rejoin the war against the Decepticons. Unsure of the nature of events that caused his memory loss, Rattrap is unwilling to extend his full trust to his Autobot compatriots at the moment.

Weapons/Abilities: An expert marksman, Rattrap's weapons of choice come from his personal hoard of heavily modified standard issue Maximal pulse rifle. He also relies heavily on the large quantities of explosives contained within his forearm storage compartments. A pair of wrist blades rounds out Rattrap's arsenal for the rare occasion when physical combat is a must.

Weaknesses: Rattrap's small size and below average armor hinders him in direct combat and he usually beats a hasty retreat when faced with a superior foe face-to-face. Rattrap has difficulty trusting unfamiliar 'bots and has been know to carry deep grudges. This combined with his intense hatred for Decepticons and most Predacons can create great difficulty in certain situations.

Dialogue Font Color: Dark Red

Character Owned Ship: Nighteye
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Post by Rattrap »

Class: Modified Autobot Standard Shuttle
Function: Ground Troop Transport and Support
Captain: Rattrap
Minimum Required Crew: 0

Character Description:

Character Bio: Nighteye was created by Rattrap using a Maximal shell program and a spark that was "acquired" for the project. Nighteye was programmed take orders from Rattrap, but was programmed with a full personality. Rattrap's intense hatred of the Decepticons was passed on to Nighteye. Over her service life, Nighteye has shown violent tendencies and tends to behave rashly in the absence of orders. It is unknown how her long abandonment, tethered to the Tagon Heights base, has affected her personality.

The ship separates into three main sections:
Gunship: The forward section
-6 Forward Energon Cannons (3 top, 3 bottom)
-Two Side Mission Modules for Interchangeable Weaponry
-Missile Hard-points on Wing-tips
-Armory: Including Turrets, Sandbags, and Equipment to Construct a Foward Operating Base
-Forward Bridge
-Cables for Personnel Recovery, Cargo Transport, and Docking
-Attachment Hardpoints for a Large Vehicle
-Drop-pod Launcher
--Drop-pod constructed from heavily modified life-pod
--Communications Array
--Stealth Drive
--Retro and Reclamation Rockets
--Room for 6 (if they squeeze together tightly)
Command Section: The middle section
-Class 1 Medbay/Repairbay
--Able to handle anything from simple repair to a complete retrofit
-Sparse Crew Quarters (for up to 20 'bots)
-Powerful Sensor Equipment and Main Sensor Control Room
-6 Anti-Shuttle Turrets (three top, three bottom)
Interstellar Drive Section: The rear half of the ship
-Transwarp-Capable Interstellar Drive
-Fighterbay with 4 Drone Fighters
-Rear Command Bridge
-Main Navigation Control
-Large Central Cargobay
-Central Computer Core
-Spark Chamber
-Two Large Orbital Strike Cannons Powered by the Interstellar Drive Engines
-Plenty of Spare Parts

General Modifications
-Significant increase in armor
-Full Automation by Nighteye, creating a living ship
-Upgraded Shield Generators
-Independent Stealth Generators for each Section
-16 Anti-Seeker Defense Turrets
-Point Defense Turrets for anti-missile work
-A Large Crew of Maintenance 'Bots, controlled by Nighteye

Project Dominator Related Refit
-Loading Apparatus for Dominator Pallets in Rear Cargobay
-Storage Chamber and Launcher Tubes in Command Section
-Dominator Controls and Sensor Data Integrated to Main Sensor Control Room

Weaknesses: Nighteye was designed for ground support, as such her armaments are designed for anti-personnel and anti-base operations. Nighteye possesses limited anti-shuttle capability, but is unable to cause significant damage to larger vessels.

Dialogue Font Color: Indigo

Autonomous Maintenance Crew: Maintenance 'Bots
-Contain a plethora of maintenance tools within its chest
--Including a laser cutting tool, plasma welding torch, and a molecular applicator
-Approximately knee-height (on a standard size transformer)
-6 'Bots can combine to form a robot of approximately Brawn-like height and strength
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Post by Rhymus »


[proper profile... eventually?]

i'm not sure what color scheme this guy uses, but here's an idea of what shape he is:

Vehicle mode resembles a cement mixer designed by Earthlings; the front of his vehicle mode (his hood, engine, front wheels and front fenders, etc) transforms into his left forearm, much like RiD X-Brawn; the rest of him transforms similarly to Armada Drill Bit (although Drill Bit has treads, whereas Drumroll has wheels like G1 Optimus Prime). In robot mode, his vehicle mode's cement mixing drum becomes a kind of cannon, although i haven't yet decided what kind--if it's an energy cannon (like G1 Galvatron's), or if it's some kind of chemical launcher (similar to weapons used by G1 Ironhide, TFL Makeway, and G1 Mixmaster), or if it only launches actual cement (or perhaps some Cybertronically enhanced variant), or what.

He doesn't like to fight, and he's not crazy about construction work, either; he'd rather be making music (he's a drummer). But he does what has to be done as best as he can.
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(Note - I am playing Jetfire from WFC)
Function: Autobot Scientist ( a REAL scientist.. not a mad inventor lol..)

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 8 -
Speed: 4
Endurance: 6 -
Rank: 5
Courage: 7
Firepower: 6
Skill: 8

Jetfire turns into an Cybertronian Seeker.

Character Bio - Former Decepticon seeker and friend of Starscream, Jetfire defected to the Autobots and assisted Optimus Prime in taking down Trypticon. After helping Prime, Jetfire was doing recon patrols over Cybertron, and he was sucked into a time-space vortex that carried him away from his home and into a different reality.

Weapons / Abilities

Jetfire is currently equipped with a basic Neutron Assault Rifle in his robot mode, and an Assault Rifle and rockets in Jet mode. Jetfire is a gifted scientist and can repair and upgrade many different Autobot technologies.

Weaknesses - Having come from another reality, Jetfire's current weapons are rather weak. He's not too fast in Jet mode either.