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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:14 am 
Big Grey Rat
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Location: Minnesota, US
Class: Modified Autobot Standard Shuttle
Function: Ground Troop Transport and Support
Captain: Rattrap
Minimum Required Crew: 0

Character Description:

Character Bio: Nighteye was created by Rattrap using a Maximal shell program and a spark that was "acquired" for the project. Nighteye was programmed take orders from Rattrap, but was programmed with a full personality. Rattrap's intense hatred of the Decepticons was passed on to Nighteye. Over her service life, Nighteye has shown violent tendencies and tends to behave rashly in the absence of orders. It is unknown how her long abandonment, tethered to the Tagon Heights base, has affected her personality.

The ship separates into three main sections:
Gunship: The forward section
-6 Forward Energon Cannons (3 top, 3 bottom)
-Two Side Mission Modules for Interchangeable Weaponry
-Missile Hard-points on Wing-tips
-Armory: Including Turrets, Sandbags, and Equipment to Construct a Foward Operating Base
-Forward Bridge
-Cables for Personnel Recovery, Cargo Transport, and Docking
-Attachment Hardpoints for a Large Vehicle
-Drop-pod Launcher
--Drop-pod constructed from heavily modified life-pod
--Communications Array
--Stealth Drive
--Retro and Reclamation Rockets
--Room for 6 (if they squeeze together tightly)
Command Section: The middle section
-Class 1 Medbay/Repairbay
--Able to handle anything from simple repair to a complete retrofit
-Sparse Crew Quarters (for up to 20 'bots)
-Powerful Sensor Equipment and Main Sensor Control Room
-6 Anti-Shuttle Turrets (three top, three bottom)
Interstellar Drive Section: The rear half of the ship
-Transwarp-Capable Interstellar Drive
-Fighterbay with 4 Drone Fighters
-Rear Command Bridge
-Main Navigation Control
-Large Central Cargobay
-Central Computer Core
-Spark Chamber
-Two Large Orbital Strike Cannons Powered by the Interstellar Drive Engines
-Plenty of Spare Parts

General Modifications
-Significant increase in armor
-Full Automation by Nighteye, creating a living ship
-Upgraded Shield Generators
-Independent Stealth Generators for each Section
-16 Anti-Seeker Defense Turrets
-Point Defense Turrets for anti-missile work
-A Large Crew of Maintenance 'Bots, controlled by Nighteye

Project Dominator Related Refit
-Loading Apparatus for Dominator Pallets in Rear Cargobay
-Storage Chamber and Launcher Tubes in Command Section
-Dominator Controls and Sensor Data Integrated to Main Sensor Control Room

Weaknesses: Nighteye was designed for ground support, as such her armaments are designed for anti-personnel and anti-base operations. Nighteye possesses limited anti-shuttle capability, but is unable to cause significant damage to larger vessels.

Dialogue Font Color: Indigo

Autonomous Maintenance Crew: Maintenance 'Bots
-Contain a plethora of maintenance tools within its chest
--Including a laser cutting tool, plasma welding torch, and a molecular applicator
-Approximately knee-height (on a standard size transformer)
-6 'Bots can combine to form a robot of approximately Brawn-like height and strength


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:41 am 
City Commander

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[proper profile... eventually?]

i'm not sure what color scheme this guy uses, but here's an idea of what shape he is:

Vehicle mode resembles a cement mixer designed by Earthlings; the front of his vehicle mode (his hood, engine, front wheels and front fenders, etc) transforms into his left forearm, much like RiD X-Brawn; the rest of him transforms similarly to Armada Drill Bit (although Drill Bit has treads, whereas Drumroll has wheels like G1 Optimus Prime). In robot mode, his vehicle mode's cement mixing drum becomes a kind of cannon, although i haven't yet decided what kind--if it's an energy cannon (like G1 Galvatron's), or if it's some kind of chemical launcher (similar to weapons used by G1 Ironhide, TFL Makeway, and G1 Mixmaster), or if it only launches actual cement (or perhaps some Cybertronically enhanced variant), or what.

He doesn't like to fight, and he's not crazy about construction work, either; he'd rather be making music (he's a drummer). But he does what has to be done as best as he can.

One shall stand; one shall fall; and the one who stands shall help the one who falls to stand once again.
--Rhymus (also known as STARS Commando 539, also known as transit)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:26 am 
Autobot Scientist
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Joined: Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:40 pm
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Location: Cybertron

(Note - I am playing Jetfire from WFC)
Function: Autobot Scientist ( a REAL scientist.. not a mad inventor lol..)

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 8 -
Speed: 4
Endurance: 6 -
Rank: 5
Courage: 7
Firepower: 6
Skill: 8

Jetfire turns into an Cybertronian Seeker.

Character Bio - Former Decepticon seeker and friend of Starscream, Jetfire defected to the Autobots and assisted Optimus Prime in taking down Trypticon. After helping Prime, Jetfire was doing recon patrols over Cybertron, and he was sucked into a time-space vortex that carried him away from his home and into a different reality.

Weapons / Abilities

Jetfire is currently equipped with a basic Neutron Assault Rifle in his robot mode, and an Assault Rifle and rockets in Jet mode. Jetfire is a gifted scientist and can repair and upgrade many different Autobot technologies.

Weaknesses - Having come from another reality, Jetfire's current weapons are rather weak. He's not too fast in Jet mode either.

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