Why aren't you RPing?

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Why aren't you RPing?

Post by Rhymus »

Are any of these reasons the reason you haven't contributed to the TransFormerLand Role-Playing Game recently, if ever?

You're too busy with non-TF stuff in your life.

You're too busy with non-TFL stuff in your life.

You're too busy with TF and/or TFL stuff in your life other than the RP.

You're waiting for more players to return or get involved.

You're waiting for more characters to return or get involved.

You're waiting for one or more specific other player(s) to return or get involved.

You're waiting for one or more specific other character(s) to return or get involved.

You're waiting for someone to reply to your last action(s).

You're not interested in any of the existing storylines.

You're interested, but can't figure out a way to introduce/reintroduce your character(s).

Other reasons.

(i thought about making this an actual poll, but i decided it's important to know who answers how, especially since some people might have more than one reason, and some people might need to be more specific, such as by saying exactly who they're waiting for.)

i've been kept away by various non-TF, non-TFL stuff. We'll see how much i'm around in the near future, i suppose.
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Post by Sideways »

I haven't been RPing solely because the RP is dead. Once key players return and start posting, then I will be more apt to return. I don't want to keep posting for nothing to happen. I've been busy with work and school so it keeps me away from here. I don't want to be the only one posting here. lol
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Post by Steeljaw »

First two and last two.

RL is ruining my life or I'd be here talking and RPing, if there was a RP. :? Once life is crushed into a manageable state (scheduled to occur sometime eventually. May require near-impossible complete planetary alignment of all known worlds or other unlikely circumstances) I plan to be around here.

Other Reasons: Can't think what character to be or how to wedge them into the plot but I've wanted to join since I first found TFL.
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Post by Roadbuster »

When I switched usernames from Skywarp to Roadbuster a good while back....I was originally going after the username: Starscream with not only intentions of posting on the regular forum but also in the role play that's in desperate need of Decepticons. Plus I feel like I can play G1 Starscream like a fiddle. As it stands now, though, I'm still interested in role playing just have to wait on more Decepticons to sign up first. :lol:
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Post by Derek-Metalz »

OK so I'm a N00b

Never been into to anything like this and have skimmed though what it's about.
I'll get Involved in some way create my own Transformer or Become someone from G1. I don't have a huge knowledge of the transformer Universe beyond the the G1 movie still need to watch my dvd's looking forward to reliving the visit to the auto-bot grave yard.
I've got plenty of spare time on my hands. I'm more interested in becoming a character that gives advice or a space craft for missions.
So if any side wants to recruit me I'll be willing to give a bit of imagination to the story line.

Other than that let me know where and what I need to do to start out. Of course if it's a secret mission I'll be up for that.
I think I'd like to be Omega supreme but I can be a bad guy too.
And I'd be more than happy to create my own character and Bio.
At this stage I'm non functioning crash landed on a distant planet.
I've sent out a distress signal 5 million years ago. I could be an old cybertron guardian that left cybertron prior to the war of the decepticons but a simple malfunction has left me to be in suspended animation for Millions of years with no knowledge of good or bad. So it's a matter of who finds me first.
But Hopefully this is Interesting.