TFL Store update - 032414

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TFL Store update - 032414

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New Arrivals listed on!

Big time update with lots of hard-to-find goodies. Many complete G2s including Bruticus, the ever-elusive Green Snarl and Grey Slag, plus the full run of Machine Wars.

Also a swath of exciting Vintage transforming robots like Daitarn III, Sasuraiger, Orguss, Gakken Mospeada, Macross, Takatoku, Clover, and more.

Plus tons of neat vingate knock-offs from the 80s including Kingdam Browning and Starscream, some wild Diaclone Dinobots, a pre-Omega Supreme Cosmos Robot, pre-Perceptor, Diaclone Devastator, Reflector and much more.

Also some neat pre-transformer inspired original designs like and Blaster-like AM-Radio with Megatron head and sword (article on this guy coming soon!)

So yeah, check it out! ... 1395547200
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