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 Post subject: The Lost Autobot
PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:51 am 
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((What do you all think of this? Once again, i tried to write a chapter of a fanfic which could stand on its own, but could also work as a prologue to our new role-playing game for a new year. This time, i gave myself another goal of making ALL of the characters NPCs, with no names that were associated with the RP already, but all homages to RP PCs or TFL user names. For example, the working title of this work-in-progress is a reference to someone's PC. So in theory/hopefully, we can more easily retcon any given NPC as the appropriate PC if so desired. Furthermore, even if no one wants to make this story part of the RP, hopefully you'll enjoy seeing (or trying to figure out) what i did with the names. Sorry not everyone got included in this rough draft--i came up with more names than i actually included, but some characters just didn't seem to fit into this part of the story, and this seems like it might already be too long for anyone to want to make it part of the RP. But, i've come this far, so i figure i might as well post what i've got. Hope you like it.))

"Rocket Base calling United Energon Mine... Come in, United Energon Mine."

"This is United Energon Mine. What's up, Clamp Down?"

"Give me some good news, Dirt Boss... We barely have enough energon to keep the repair bays going. There definitely isn't enough to refuel Nightwatch, even if we could get her repaired enough to fly again."

"I wish I had some good news to offer, Clamp Down. Drill Bot says we probably won't get much more from this location. Sidewinder has teams out scouting for other viable mining sites. I'll let you know when we have more information."

"Let me know when we have more energon."

"Will do."


"Hey, Jack."

Jack Brown, binary bonded Human partner of the Autobot named Blackout, turns toward the familiar voice of Mina Irving, a fellow Human with a Transtector she calls Nirvana. "Hey, Mina. What's going on?"

"I'm looking for Laster. Have you seen him? Or Mister E?" Mister E being Laster's Headmaster partner.

"Not recently. But Blackout and I work in a different part of the mine than the Brainmasters do. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I was hoping Road Caesar could get something off the top shelf for me."

"Ask Jose and Hosehead. They must have a ladder on that fire truck mode, right?"

"That might work... but it's strange how no one seems to know where to find Laster or Mister E--not even the other Brainmasters."

"Well, they must be around here someplace. If I see them, I'll let them know you're looking for them."

"Thanks, Jack."


At the moment, Laster and Mister E are working in the furthest reaches of the deepest, longest tunnel in the United Energon Mine. Behind them, the ceiling begins to collapse.

"Laster! Look out!" Mister E shouts. The warning comes just in time for Laster to keep them both from being buried alive. Unfortunately, the debris which used to be the ceiling above them has formed a barrier blocking off the way back up their tunnel. Worse still, they can see a pair of Decepticons staring down at them through the new opening in the ceiling.

"Decepticons!" Laster gasps.

"An Autobot!" gasps Dirt Jet, unaware of Laster's Brainmaster partnership.

"How did the Decepticons find our secret energon mine?" Mister E whispers so that only Laster can hear it.

"How did the Autobots find our secret energon mine?" Frenzy asks Dirt Jet an astrosecond later, like an accidental echo, inadvertently answering Mister E's question: Both groups concealed their mining sites so well that nobody realized how close the tunnels were getting to each other until an opening broke open.

Instead of answering Frenzy directly, Dirt Jet says, "I don't know how you found our secret mine, Autobot--but you won't be telling anyone else! Frenzy, get him!"

Luckily for Laster and Mister E, their ceiling (the Decepticons' floor) is not quite finished collapsing. Both Frenzy and Dirt Jet come tumbling down the hole, while Laster steals the opportunity to scramble up the mound of debris and into the Decepticon mine. With no time to clear away the fallen slabs and chunks of rock blocking the way back to the rest of the Autobot mine, the only escape route available to Laster and Mister E is to try to make their way through the Decepticon tunnels, and hope not to run into too many other Decepticons while fleeing from these two.

"Let's roll out of here!" Mister E says. Laster converts to sports car mode and zooms off up the tunnel, with Mister E in the driver's seat.

Dirt Jet snarls in aggravation. "Radio the commander!" he tells Frenzy. "Tell him we've got an intruder, and we're going after him!"

"I'll tell the mine foreman, too," Frenzy says. "Commander Megatrigger's all the way back at Hive City, but Megadigger is right nearby."

"Whatever," Dirt Jet snaps. "Just do it. And come on!"


"Frenzy calling Megatrigger! Frenzy calling Megadigger! Autobot sighted in the southwest tunnel, heading up and east! Dirt Jet and I are in pursuit! Over!"

"Good..." Megatrigger tells Frenzy. "Proceed. Take him out!"

Stationed nearby, close enough to overhear his commander's conversation, Darkshot suggests, "Take him alive. If any other Autobots are aware of our little mining operation here, a hostage might be useful. And even if he is the only Autobot who knows the location of our forces, he'd also be an Autobot in our custody who knows the locations of the Autobot forces."

Megatrigger considers this. "Very well, Darkshot. Frenzy! Dirt Jet! New orders! Capture but do not kill the Autobot. Damage is acceptable as long as he can tell us--and nobody else--just what he knows."

"Damaging him won't be a problem, but capturing him would be a lot easier if we had some help," gripes Dirt Jet.

Megatrigger snarls, but makes some adjustments to his communications panel. "Decepticons! We have an unwanted uninvited guest in the Power-Is Mine. I want him alive! Megadigger, I want WarSting, Windwolf, Deadzilla, Tigerbeast, Eagleburst, and Scorpulator to report directly to Dirt Jet until further notice. I'm placing him in charge of apprehending this Autobot. Have them coordinate with him how they're going to catch our prey. All other Decepticons are to keep mining as usual unless the intruder comes within range. If that happens, their orders are to cease their mining operations and assist Dirt Jet in his hunt."

After Megatrigger gives those orders and stops transmitting, he turns to his nearby henchmechs, Galvatriggity and Darkshot. "Get out there and make sure that pinheaded Conehead gets the job done right and doesn't blow it," Megatrigger says.

"I'll show him what it means to blow jobs," Galvatriggity replies.


"Darn and blast--hasn't anybody seen Laster or Mister E?" Mina wonders, baffled. Nobody she spoke to had seen the mech or the man--not their C.O. Dirt Boss, not their foreman Drill Bot, not even the other Brainmasters, Blacker and Brock S. Carlin, Braver and Lightspeed. Even Grime Graveller (an Autobot with a reputation for being everywhere at once) and Hideaways (Cybertron's hide-and-seek champion for the last 404 vorns) had no idea where Laster and Mister E might have gone.

Finally, Mina takes her concerns to mission commander Combobreaker.

One shall stand; one shall fall; and the one who stands shall help the one who falls to stand once again.
--Rhymus (also known as STARS Commando 539, also known as transit)

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