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Author:  M3Gr1ml0ck [ Sat Jun 20, 2015 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  fancomics Seeds Of Deception + Lost Seasons + Untold Marvels

1) Seeds Of Deception:
- Continuity: starting from the of The War Within, it expanded to include the -Ation series (from Infiltration to Revelation, plus Stormbringer, Maximum Dinobots and the related Spotlights).
- Topics: mostly, life on Cybertron during the Golden Age. What led some mechs to choose the Decepticon way, and why? Was Sentinel Prime just a philosopher that Megatron easily killed off at the beginning of the war? Why was Omega Supreme never seen around during the War Within stories? What happened to warlord Trannis?
- Also featured: the unofficial ending on "War Within: the Age of Wrath" , based on the summaries of the unpublished issues

2) The Lost Seasons
- Continuity: G1 cartoon, Beast Wars
- Themes: the missing season from before and after the G1 cartoon, featuring every possible G1 character ever created (and more).
- Also featured: the unproduced G1 S3 episode "Eye of the Beholder"

- Continuity: G1 Marvel comics
- Themes: the series was born as a one-shot ("The Last Quest") to support the Regeneration One petition. That was episode G1 US 78.5, featuring the battle between two Action-Masters for the control of the sleeping Last Autobot. After that story, other episodes were created to help connecting the G1 Marvel UK saga (!) to the Regeneration One series.
- Also featured: the Keeper of Primus, Centurion, the Navigator/Warrior/Guardian, Professor Morris, Sammy Harker, Ratbat, Buster and Sparkplug Witwicky; Megatron.

These series (and other one-shot fancomics from different continuities such as Animated) are featured on the Tf fancomic blog.

Last week, Seeds Of Deception presented the final pages of SoD Metroplex: A Tale of Two City-Bots.

The secret origin of Metroplex! The untold evolution of Trypticon!
A tale that goes from the Lawless Times to the Golden Age, and reaches the Interplanetary Cold War! All this and more!
Trypticon's final evolution, the birth of Metroplex, the destiny of Nebulos, the secret of the Decepticon Siege Mode Bunkers, the arrival of Scamper and Six-Gun, Slammer's robot mode: a bonanza of robotic titans, hybrid technologies, age-spanning events, star-spanning battles.
In a nutshell, pure Transformers epic!
Special guests: Boltax, Nova Prime, Sky Linx, Pion Rex, Perceptor and Highbrow.

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