Transformers - IDW Adaptation

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Transformers - IDW Adaptation

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Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. If not, then feel free to move it/inform me where this should be if that's the case.

Assuming this is the proper place to post this, let's continue.

I've been hard at work on an audio drama adaptation of IDW's run on the Transformers comic books and the team of StarForce Media and I have released two episodes so far. The first one is a dub of the Death of Optimus Prime one shot that originally came out in 2011 and the second one is an audio dub of the first issue of More Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE). I've been reading these comics for years and MTMTE, now called Lost Light, has been my favorite series from IDW's run on Transformers. Bringing these stories to life in some way shape or form has been something I've been wanting to do since the end of 2014, and production on the series has been ongoing since mid 2015. We are not making money off of any of this, this is solely for fun, for experience, and for a labor of love to IDW and everyone involved in creating these incredible characters and stories. It is made by fans for the fans. More episodes are in the works as we speak and I hope you enjoy what you hear. :) Feel free to leave any feedback. It is much appreciated. Speak to you soon and have a great day!

The Death of Optimus Prime:

More Than Meets The Eye #1:
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