Roleplay Character Roster (all factions)

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Roleplay Character Roster (all factions)

Post by Time Traveller »

Here's the place to post your "Tech Specs" for the Roleplay. I'm going to start us off with the format Blackjack set out in the previous roleplay:


Function: Character's role or job within their faction.

Character Stats (optional): This isn't a neccessary thing to do, but it's fun and gets you thinking about how your character comapares to other player's characters. If you're using a character straight out of some TF continuity feel free to just post that character's stat card if you know it. The stats represented here are the following.

STR: Strength: the character's physical strength.
INT: Intelligence: the character's mental ability, not exclusively IQ.
SPD: Speed: the character's reaction time and physical speed.
END: Endurance: the character's toughness and ability to take damage.
RNK: Rank: a rough estimate of the character's place on their faction's chain of command.
COR: Courage: a rough estimate of the character's bravery, confidence, and willingness.
FRP: Firepower: a rough estimate of how much heat a character is packing.
SKL: Skill: a rough estimate of how competent a character is at performing most tasks accurately and adeptly, including reaction time and aim.

Character Description: What the character looks like. Please post this even if you're playing a well known character (like Optimus Prime). Include a description of the character's alt mode(s). This can be as short or detailed as you would like.

Character Bio: Can be a few sentences or a long, epic tale of the character's past and present condition. Regardless of the length, details are always appreciated. You don't need to share everything, for instance if your character has a deep secret that not many people know about don't put it here.

Weapons/Abilities: What does the character use in combat? What else can the character do? What are they known for?

Weaknesses: Every character should have some weakness. Can be as simple as a malfunctioning weapon or as complicated as an irrational fear of things flying overhead.

Dialogue Font Color: (if you use this) Many players have started using a specific color for their character's speech text. Please let us know what color you use so that we can tell you apart.

Character Owned Ships, Binary Bonded Partners, Vehicles, etc. Just list and give a brief description. You can make a separate entry for them if you would like. If we're going with the "stranded on another planet" plot, some of these things may need to be approved.
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Re: Roleplay Character Roster (all factions)

Post by Time Traveller »

The character I am interested in playing is a modified version of:


Function: Force Leader
"Never underestimate your enemy. He poses dangers you can't possibly imagine."

Description: Boss is a stout blue and turquoise 'bot with a proud demeanor who transforms into a turbine-powered sports car. In his alternate mode, his long hood is dominated by the presence of a powerful jet turbine intake fan at his front, which runs through his alt mode and protrudes as two thrusters above his back bumper. A broad spoiler is situated behind his small two-door cabin. In his battle mode, the ends of his spoilers are fitted with two short "Turbo Defender" rockets, and his turbine intake superheats to a bright pinkish-red.

Bio: Boss is a battle-hardened field commander for the Autobots, leading from the front lines with an intimidating fearlessness. His countless battles and excursions have yielded in him an incredible knowledge of tactics and strategy, and his incessant training have made him a skilled soldier to carry out his schemes and counter-schemes against his enemies. Originally the sub-commander of a crack team known as the "Turbomasters", he has since applied his skills to many dire situations to help the Autobots break through a stalemate. He has built a reputation in every theater of war he appears in for his stoic, unyielding nature under fire. His reputation has proven a key advantage, inspiring esprit d'corps to those fighting alongside him, and fear and uncertainty to those fighting against him. His persona outside of combat is no different: stoic, observant, and deliberate. His fearful enemies have sometimes referred to him in hushed tones with a strange moniker: to be vanquished by Boss is to travel to "the end of the Mach Road."

Weapons and abilities:
Boss's primary unique trait is the giant turbine that powers his alternate mode to incredible speeds up to 245 mph (395 km/h) with face-melting acceleration. In robot mode or combat mode, the turbine converts to superheated plasma blaster, becoming red-hot. He also uses two "Turbo Defender" rockets to track and strike fast-moving or aerial targets, which can be fired from his combat mode's spoiler, or used in conjunction with the plasma blaster for supercharged firepower. The Turbo Defender rockets cannot track targets when fired from the blaster, however. Unlike many Autobots, he possesses no other unique abilities, relying solely on his marksmanship , firepower, and attitude in combat.

Boss's main weakness is arguably the same courage and intimidation that give him strength. He often puts himself in the line of fire even when seriously outgunned. Despite some battle scars, so far, he has not fallen for this fault: a fortune that has only enhanced his battlefield aura. Other than this, his turbine can be exceptionally energy consumptive if not used judiciously. Continuous use, especially for propulsion, will rapidly deplete his energon reserves.

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Re: Roleplay Character Roster (all factions)

Post by Rattrap »

Drill Bit

Function: Engineer

Quit whining, none of us want to be here, but we all need to do our slagging jobs.

STR: 9
INT: 10
SPD: 6
END: 5
RNK: 5
COR: 8
FRP: 7
SKL: 10

Description: A medium, stocky, yellow and black autobot who wields a deadly mining drill in combat. His alt mode is a treaded mining vehicle with an articulated drill and debris clearing scoop.

Bio: Drill Bit is a former energon mining engineer. When the war broke out, he was working as a supervisor on one of the many mining colonies when a Decepticon raid brought the war to his front door. He abhors combat, but usually acquits himself well. While his weapons make him fearsome on the battlefield, he would rather remain in his workshop tinkering with the few cybertronian relics he has managed to procure. His long involvement in the current war has turned him into something of a bitter veteran, unlikely to buy into inspiring retoric, but still likely to find himself on the battlefield. His mannerisms are blunt and to the point, and while his skill has made him invaluable to the autobot cause, he has maintained few friendships in the process.

Weapons and Abilities: Drill Bit wields his drill and scoop in a sword and board fashion. He also carries a heavily modified version of the standard autobot rifle and an unhealthy number of demolition charges. Drill Bit has a knack for upgrading and repairing most pieces of technology

Weaknesses: Drill Bit's chassis is not designed for combat and he has very little in the way of armor. Drill Bit has a tendency to let thought delay action. If his system is not yet perfected, he may delay unnecessarily. Additionally, he does not posses a full understanding of the underlying science behind the devices that he builds, unintended sideffects can and do happen.

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Re: Roleplay Character Roster (all factions)

Post by Sideways »


Function: Scientist

Try and keep up!

Character Stats:

STR: 6
INT: 8
SPD: 6/9 (Reaction Speed/Alt Mode Speed)
END: 5
RNK: 6
COR: 7
FRP: 6
SKL: 8

Character Description - Sideways is a mysterious ninja bot, but technologically gifted. Transforms into a sports bike with his familiar purple and yellow paint scheme. In his alternate mode, he is "ridden" by a holographic driver. This disappears when he transforms to his robot mode.

Fast and agile, Sideways is not afraid to charge into battle, guns blazing. His ninja skills come in handy when dodging enemy fire.

Weapons and Abilities:
Although technologically adept, Sideways prefers to use his skills rather then tech. His small size allows him access to area's that larger bots could not access. Is equipped with a cloaking device for stealth missions, prefers not to use it.

Equipped with standard arm mounted blasters, as well as a sword.

Weaknesses: Sideways can be overconfident and charge into situations that might not be viable. His small size means he's not super strong and doesn't have strong armor, preferring to use speed to dodge enemy fire rather then taking hits.

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Re: Roleplay Character Roster (all factions)

Post by Rhymus »

Once again, i know TF Tech Specs just had the one rating for Endurance, but i propose three:

DUR: Durability: the character's ability to take a hit without taking damage
END: Endurance: the character's ability to remain online and active after taking damage
STM: Stamina: the undamaged character's ability to remain online and active without recharging

i am amused that links on the TransFormerLand forum appear in
Time Traveller wrote:Text color: Dark teal
except for certain links to site admins/mods which show up as
Rattrap wrote:Text Color: Dark Crimson
i can't decide which of the following "colors" strikes the best balance between (A) resembling my character's paint job, (B) being easy to read, and (C) not being the same dialogue color chosen for Shattered Plastic Sunstorm, Makeway, and The Last Autobot. Please advise based on candidate colors illustrated in the Quote (below).

(above links to canon character; my tweaks/intentions described below)

Faction: Decepticon

Function: Warrior

Quote 1: <<The first one to cross the finish line LIVES.>>
Quote 2: <<The first one to cross the finish line LIVES.>>
Quote 3: <<The first one to cross the finish line LIVES.>>
Quote 4: <<The first one to cross the finish line LIVES.>>
Quote 5: :twisted: The first one to cross the finish line LIVES. :!:
Quote 6: :twisted: <<The first one to cross the finish line LIVES.>> :!:
Quote 7: << :twisted: The first one to cross the finish line LIVES. :!: >>

For now, i'm trying this for what Drag Strip has to say:
<<speaking or shouting>>


Tech Specs
STR _ _ _ _ _ _ 6
INT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7
SPD _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7.8
DUR _ _ _ 3
END _ _ _ _ 4
STM _ _ _ 3.4
RNK _ _ _ _ _ 5
COR _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 8
FRP _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7
SKL _ _ _ _ _ _ 6

Bio (including Strengths & Weaknesses)
Drag Strip thinks he's better than you. Drag Strip thinks he's better than almost everyone*--faster, stronger, braver, smarter, with superior skills and greater durability/endurance. The truth is, he IS fast, with slightly above average strength and intelligence, and an arrogant recklessness that mimics courage... he just doesn't have nearly the speed, strength, courage, skill, or intelligence that he thinks he does, and he fails to realize that his durability, endurance, and stamina are actually somewhat lacking. (Among other things, he is prone to overheating, and he is only lightly armored to keep heavy armor from slowing him down.) He overestimates his abilities in almost every regard except for his above average firepower, which he wields haphazardly; his aim is not as good as he thinks, although he has always felt that firing frequently is just as effective as taking time to aim. (Overuse of his weapons does not help his overheating problem.) Despite his oversized ego, he has no aspirations of leadership... just as long as everyone around him knows his capabilities, his achievements, and his superiority. And to make sure everyone knows, he will brag on and on about such things whether they're true or not--and he will challenge just about anyone* who says not. His boasting annoys the rest of the Decepticons immensely; they only tolerate him because there is some truth to what he says, so he can be useful when his competitive streak compels him to demonstrate that truth against the Autobots or other Decepticon targets. None of his fellow Decepticons will mourn him when his overconfidence gets him killed.

Physical Description (including Weapons)
((Is a picture worth a thousand words? or do i need a few thousand more words here?))
Drag Strip is a dark yellow robot with a cube-shaped purple helmet, silver engine block "abs", red detailing (the racing stripes from his vehicle mode), and all six of his vehicle mode's black tires visible (one on each ankle, and a pair mounted on each of the tower-like structures projecting from the top of his shoulders). He changes into a dark yellow Formula One racecar variant with six tires (with the two rear wheels being the usual size and two smaller pairs of wheels at the front). In either mode, he can deploy retractable flamethrowers (resembling exhaust pipes) from his forearms (just forward of his rear tires in vehicle mode). In robot mode, he has a compartment in each leg, and he stores a standard laser rifle in each of these compartments. He can combine the two rifles into a double-barreled handheld laser weapon, which he can also deploy in vehicle mode from between his rear spoiler and engine block.

((He resembles his Dreamwave artwork and G1 toy with modified weapons--NOT his Marvel look, cartoon look, IDW look, or CHUGGEURTS toy.))

((i have replaced Drag Strip's canonical plasma-energy blaster and gravito-gun with less powerful weapons because i think his canonical weapons would make him too powerful for the way i want to play. Purists may presume that the Gravity-Altering Gun (GAG) malfunctioned and compressed itself and the plasma-energy blaster into nothingness, almost like a black hole. My reimagined Drag Strip's rifles, in their combined form, resemble his G1 toy's "plasma-energy blaster", but MUCH smaller compared to his body.))

Additional Ability ((and NPCs, if no one objects))
Drag Strip is a Scramble-type combiner, capable of becoming the arm or leg of a Scramble-type gestalt. Normally, he combines with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor; however, he has been unintentionally separated from the other Stunticons (who are currently on another planet), so lately Drag Strip has been combining with Great Cannon, Leyland, Sandstorm, and Target Hawk to form Battle Grip. (These four members of the Battle Gaia team blame Starscream for Shuttle Gunner's absence. Meanwhile, the Seacons have "loaned" Nautilator to the Stunticons to form Menasator.) ((i'm also contemplating giving Drag Strip a "stealth mode", and/or eventually/temporarily upgrading him to a new Power Core Combiner body.))

*exceptions and exceptional claims:

-Drag Strip knows he isn't as strong or tough as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Galvatron, or Ultra Magnus, and is smart enough not to claim to be smarter, braver, or more skilled. However, Drag Strip does believe he is faster than any of them.

-Drag Strip does believe he is faster, stronger, braver, etc. compared to Hot Rodimus, or whatever that Auto-boy is calling himself these days.

-Drag Strip claims that he's fast enough to drive circles around any Dinobot, and that he could beat one with his skills and smarts... but he wouldn't dream of trying it--he doesn't have the courage, and maybe he knows (or at least suspects) he's just blowing smoke. He won't admit that he isn't as strong as a Dinobot, but he won't deny it either--he knows it's true.

-Despite plenty of evidence, Drag Strip simply has not yet noticed that jets, aircraft, and spacecraft--even Human-made, non-transforming ones--are faster than he is. When any arrive at his destination before he does, he just assumes they started closer or had a head start.

-Drag Strip knows that some Transformers who turn into aircraft and spacecraft are stronger than he is (such as Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx), but Drag Strip also believes he is stronger than some other Transformers who turn into aircraft and spacecraft (such as Astrotrain, Blast Off, and Cosmos).

-Drag Strip is smarter than most gestalts (isn't everybody?), but he also believes any gestalt which includes him would be smarter and more skilled than a gestalt without him.

-Drag Strip knows that, because of their size, gestalts and "base 'bots" are stronger than he is, and can travel further faster in a single step than he could travel in the same time. However, he still considers himself "better" than they are, because their size gives them an "unfair advantage" which he considers "cheating". (Of course, cheating is one of Drag Strip's favorite strategies, so he's willing to join a gestalt, or have a gestalt or a "base 'bot" fighting for him.)
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