rebuild it and they will come
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Author:  Rhymus [ Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:40 am ]
Post subject:  rebuild it and they will come

The Decepticons have nearly finished repairing their stolen Autobot ship, the Other Sprite, when Drag Strip notices some sort of ground vehicle driving past. <<We've been spotted!>> he growls. He activates his communicator as he changes to race car mode and speeds after the departing vehicle. <<<Decepticons!>>> he transmits. <<<Our location has been compromised. I am in pursuit of a possible Autobot headed westbound in Sector 7-11. Star Burst, Pirata, we're heading your way. Prepare to intercept!>>>

((OUT OF CHARACTER: Anyone playing an Autobot want to volunteer to play Drag Strip's prey? or do we have a NPC flesh creature to squash?

possible retcons, if desired:

edit the post to change the
Other Sprite to the Ætherspite;

edit the post to change Star Burst to Starscream (Roadbuster's possible PC), or retcon Star Burst as a "nickname" for Starscream, or treat Star Burst as a completely separate NPC;

edit the post to change Pirata to Pyrostrata, or treat Pirata as a completely separate NPC.))

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