Toy Talk user's manual.

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Toy Talk user's manual.

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Hi all and welcome to the refurbished Toy Talk section.

Sit down, relax, and think: Did you ever have the need to discuss anything about Transformers figures, or related merchandise? Well, you arrived to the right place. Questions? You got it right, here's the place to be.

I am your host, Jose, at your service. I specialize in pre 1985 Transformer toys. Something beyond may go off my limits, but there will be someone else who might help in case I can't.

Some specific things you may want to consider:

Q: I found an item on eBay, is it real or fake? Can I discuss that sort of thing here?

A: Of course you can, BUT remember we are not putting links to eBay here. Instead, you can copy the pictures, upload them wherever you want, and post them here. You may also quote description, or anything you think it's relevant to make the full picture, but remember, we don't bash on anyone, nor we steal credit. If the picture(s) is (are) from a seller, say so.

Q: I have found an old toy in my grandma's attic, looks like a transforming robot. Can you help me identify it?

A: Sure, this is what this section is for.

Q: The robot is A, color B, measures C. I would post a picture, but I don't know how.

A: This is for general purpose in all the forum, you may use a photo hosting service. There are heaps of free services on the web, some are more reliable than others, but most of them do their work. I have been using Photobucket myself.

Q: At certain site, I found a picture. Can I post it here?

A: Sure, just give the picture's author due credit. Also, we don't like hotlinking, so refer to the previous question.

Q: I have just purchased some very hot items. I want to show them off.

A: Unless it's something really special which deserves some close, dedicated attention, new toy purchases are meant to be posted in the sticky thread of the same name.

If you are in doubt or have further questions, please contact me at:

To this section apply equally the general forum rules, which can be read here.

Best regards,
Jose Miguel Vargas