i have boxed originals

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i have boxed originals

Post by nelson334 »

my personal collection includes optimus prime, jetfire, shockwave, soundwave, and many more...all with boxes and are complete to the best of my knowlege.

how can i find out how much they are worth? what does misb and c8 and all the other codes mean?
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Post by Galvatron »

MISB means "Mint In Sealed Box"
C-1 through C-9 is the rate of the condition and completeness.
If you have Optimus Prime in good condition and all accesories then it would be a C-9 or if you have never opened Optimus Prime then he would be MISB.
Rating considers the amount of play, the amount of sticker wear any broken/missing pieces etc. The price for all of these consider on the condition. I have seen an original Optimus Prime "MISB" for $200.00
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