Replacing stickers

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Replacing stickers

Post by AlchemistG »

I am new to the whole world of collecting Transformers and I recently saw on eBay some sticker sheets from so I bought a few to fix up some peelers and damaged stickers for a few of my G1 Transformers. When the stickers arrived, I noticed that some of the colors were significantly different than the original G1 stickers, i.e., Cyclonus has a much darker purple w/orange/red in the original stickers on his wings than the ones from Repro - they are more of a light lavendar, although the red/orange looks accurate. Are Repro's stickers based on the original production colors, meaning that my G1 stickers have color-shifted over the years? Or are they different because of a copyright issue? If I apply them, am I devaluing my Transformers? Thx. AG
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The reprolabels are very much based on the original stickers, and Cyclonus's wing stickers are very much notorious for fading. They are made of a different type of ink, which seems to fade much more quickly than the rest of his foil-backed stickers.
Typically, sprucing up a figure with reprolabels is not considered devaluing, and a lot of collectors appreciate the fresh stickers, since they make figures more displayable. However, in the rare case that you were selling a high-end transformer, I would disclose that the stickers are reproductions, in case any purists are interested who would only use original label sheets, and also in case there is wear to the toy OTHER than stickers that is made less noticeable by the fresh stickers. Just a courtesy to your fellow collectors!
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Post by Jose »

Put it this way: Any sticker, original or reproduction, can be removed.

Also, take in consideration what TT said about disclosing reproduction parts, stickers or any others when selling.
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