G1 Optimus Prime Restore Project

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Looking good! Yeah, Reprolabel stickers are notorious for lifting. They don't use enough adhesive or the right type of it.
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Re: G1 Optimus Prime Restore Project

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So I have a G1 Optimus too and I wanted to fix him. Mine was part of an Ebay lot that came with a Metroplex leg when I needed one. Long story short, I had a pretty decent prime. His smokestacks are broken, paint is chipping, and stickers are peeling. Nothing I couldn't fix easily.
But then I came across a problem. It's the same problem I have with my G1 Ultra Magnus too. His chest won't stay upright in robot mode. I looked into it and I think I've identified the problem.
The legs compress when Prime turns into a truck, so to ensure that the legs stay compressed Hasbro added in springs to push the legs together. The problem is, the springs are to strong. They push my Prime's legs together when in Robot mode. Anyone got a fix?

Me Gr1ml0ck would be very appreciate
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