G1 Cassettes Variations

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G1 Cassettes Variations

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I'm new to the board, but have bought a good bit of G1 figures from Transformerland. I'm currently trying to complete my G1 cassette collection now. I've noticed that some of the cassettes have different variations. I was wondering which ones would be more coveted by collectors, if any? The last three I need are eject, rewind, and ratbat. From a personal standpoint I kind of like the eject and rewind versions with stickers. They seem to look more similar to rumble and frenzy. Looking at the pictures in the archive, the other variation of eject and rewind does not seem to have stickers. They also have different colored weapons. Also, after watching a youtube video of someone's collection, they appeared to have two different versions of ratbat. They stated that the only real difference was the paint, one being lighter than the other. Can anyone confirm this and which one would be the best to collect, if not both?
Thanks and I appreciate any advice!
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Re: G1 Cassettes Variations

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Different ratbats would be neat. There are more tapes out there too. There are two dinsosaur cassettes that only came out in japan, of course theyre way too much for me, but I did buy a knock off set so you might find them. I paid $45 for my pair, when the originals go for $900 a piece. I think their names are daimyu and kakiu. I could be wrong. There is also other versions of eject, rewind, and steeljaw that came with the repaint of blaster called twincast. If I can remember, i'll post pictures of my cassettes.
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Re: G1 Cassettes Variations

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Go for every variation you can! Similar figures with subtle differences look cool, and being the cassettes small won't give you much trouble with room.

Unfortunately I can't provide help with Rat Bat...
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Re: G1 Cassettes Variations

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I'd have to research it, but wasn't Ratbat in the stickered vs painted category?
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