Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

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Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

Post by duttry98 »

Are you a purist and require the OG 1980's Jazz(just for example) or does that 2002 reissue, that's just as good, suffice???

I ask this cuz a toy buddy and I got into a debate about this recently :lol:
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Re: Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

Post by skywarp408 »

Mostly original for me if I can swing a deal under market value. I have reissues too, but it's just not the same. Plus, the originals have the packaging I like and I'm a mib junkie.
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Re: Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

Post by Roadbuster »

I have both in my collection. And the only thing I don't care for are some of the weapons (ie: missiles) are plastic for the reissues that were chrome for the originals. Otherwise you get a figure with tight joints and crisp paint for a portion of the price the original would run you.
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Re: Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

Post by Perceptor »

Only originals will do for me.
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Re: Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

Post by Jose »

I have of both. I like from the originals the feel of a better quality plastic and paint finish, however I appreciate the chance of getting a perfect figure for a lower price. Some reissues are better made than others -i.e., great job on Hoist, vs. a poor "Silverstreak" -. Nevertheless, if the differences are very noticeable, I try to get both, as long as the budget allows it.
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Re: Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

Post by Rhymus »

(computer trouble, sorry if double-post)

see also: Let's discuss the merits of G1 molds (From MP thread)

What does "OG" mean? (From the context, i assume it means "OriGinal", but i don't think i've ever seen that abbreviation before. Do the letters stand for "Original G_____"?)

As far as i know, i do not own any reissue TFs, but not because i am a purist avoiding reissues. For me, price is often the major deciding factor in buying TFs, and there has never been a time when reissues were available to me at a price i was willing/able to pay. (For reasons irrelevant to this discussion, i do not shop online.) My collection includes a lot of secondhand TFs from yard sales, thrift stores, etc., but i think all of my G1 figures are authentic.

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Re: Reissue vs. OG....... where do you stand?

Post by Ultra Magnus »

OG is a 90's term meaning "Original Gangsta." It was a rap term meant to separate rappers that actually grew up the hard way in areas like Compton, versus Rob Van Winkle who grew up in the suburbs and wanted ab9out how hard he had it coming up and how legitimate he was.

It has been adopted in popular culture to mean anything that is actual vintage versus something that looks vintage but is obviously not.

My stand on the over issue of this thread is what you are comfortable with. My personal habits are based on the fact that I had most of these guys when I was younger, but they were sold without my permission.

I, personally, am not a completest. The "real deal" is of little import to me. The only time I want the actual G1 molds is when there is no true present day replacement. For instance, the CHUG Soundwaves and "cassettes" are nowhere a decent representation of the original stuff. In this case, I gladly snapped up the reissues. The same goes with Perceptor.

Don't get me wrong. There are a few I go back for. I have a replacement original of Magnus, Jetfire, and every Hot Rod/Rodimus ever (Star Convoy FTW!). I also have a very extensive Macross/Robotech collection of the original Valkyrie Mold. All but 2 are reissues. One of my originals come from 1981 prior to Bandai (no replacement windscreen), and one from Bandai 1986 (windscreen replacement requires a screwdriver). The two OG do not have modern reissues. I may have gone with reissues, however it feels really good to have those two specific pieces looking down on me along side Jetfire.

Were I to buy Dinobots today, I would gladly grab some reissues. If I were going for a complete Metroplex (in addition to the new one), I would probably go with the original as the proce difference is not that significant.

So, to make a long story short, go with what makes you feel happiest, but never feel bad for not having the "real thing."
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