the Seeker who would be Cyclonus (non-G1)

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the Seeker who would be Cyclonus (non-G1)

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i now own a secondhand Jetblade, a redeco of the live-action continuity Seeker, Dirge.

i appreciate the toy's designers' intentions in paying homage to the original Conehead Seekers. However, i am not a huge fan of "faux-parts", and i think i'm actually glad that my secondhand Jetblade toy is missing the fake cockpit on his chest. As for the shape of Jetblade's head... while i get the point, but i don't really like the way it turned out. But the cone on top splits into left and rght halves as part of his transformation, so i simply leave a gap between them and imagine that instead of being an alternate reality Conehead, he's an alternate reality's Cyclonus (or part of Cyclonus's Armada). i find that i like the toy much better this way.

i also endorse this figure for its creative transformation, good proportions and articulation, and parts of the alternate mode well-integrated into the robot mode (instead of, say, just becoming a backpack) while remaining recognizable (instead of being practically reduced to individual pixels or molecules, like many movie continuity TFs)--all qualities i look for in a TF design.
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