Trailbreaker Odditty.

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Trailbreaker Odditty.

Post by Primus2014 »

Hi, I've just received a G1 Trailbreaker, but he has something odd about him. The slots in his back pack appear to be missing so there is no where to place his missiles.

Is this a mold defect or am I missing something? Can anyone shed any light?

See pic.
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Re: Trailbreaker Odditty.

Post by duttry98 »

Wow that is weird. I wouldn't know whether to be happy (because of the sheer oddity) or bummed because I couldn't display him properly LOL.
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Re: Trailbreaker Odditty.

Post by Jose »

I've never seen that version before. I went to check mine and both the Transformers and Diaclone have the slots, so my guess is that this is either a defect, or a very late issue. I don't have any reissues to check. Can you describe what it says on the copy stamp, and post a picture of the wheel rivets (front and back)?
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