a few questions from a newbie ( please no hate / trolling )

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a few questions from a newbie ( please no hate / trolling )

Post by Comilius »

Ok, this is kinda an intro and to ask those of you who have collecting for a much longer time than I a few questions. Intro, from Ohio & have been collecting since November of last year, always loved transformers & robotech & started to collect transformers. I've had the G1s as toys when I was a kid but haven't dug them out of parent's storage ( kinda afraid too as well since they're probably just parts at best ) & have been getting the newer ones via stores & websites.

Now for the part I hope to keep my skin on, so please if you don't like what is typed after this just ignore me.

I don't have any of mine in boxes nor do I plan on keeping them in boxes. I want them loose, depending on the transformer, transformed in a way that makes more combat & tactical sense than how it looks on the box etc & with blasters since to me that also makes more tactical & combat sense to have long range capabilites. So what I am wondering is if anyone is willing to help me find them in what maybe thought of as not the usual places, like not garage sales, flea markets & major retail sites or stores. The other thing I'm wondering is if anyone would or could point me into getting some weapons for certain ones in addition to what they have already. As an example I have an Armada Starscream with the comic from last years stuff but I'm looking for something that looks like the decepticon blasters to go on the pegs on the arms & the missle launchers. They don't have to be a transformer weapon or even look like the G1 blasters but if they did I'd be super happy. Any help and advice about this would be greatly appreciated and thanks to all in advance for even reading this.
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Re: a few questions from a newbie ( please no hate / trollin

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Welcome to the forums! I'm also from Ohio.

I hate to disappoint you, but you'll find no trolling here! I think you'll find the members here pretty kind. Not a lot of trolling/hating going on here.

There is a place that shall not be named (Shapeways) that may have what you are looking for. They have something very similar, I just don't know whether the peghole on the figure you are referring to is the same as to what I pointed you to. When I want some extra fire power for my figures (that aren't stock weapons), I head there. I recently picked up 'Rat Blastard' (2 guns for Legends class figures). Also, I'm not positive, as I don't have the Armada figure you speak of, but I wonder if the G1 weapons would fit! Now the Shapeways plastic is a little rougher than your typical Hasbro stuff. But, still good quality.
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Re: a few questions from a newbie ( please no hate / trollin

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I take a stroll through the local dollar store toy isle. They have cheap army guys with HUGE guns. I did that with my original armada seekers to up their weaponry. Though they were guns for hands and not launchers for peg holes. but if you are feeling really really froggy buy a 3d printer and design your own...
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