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Nooob questions

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:05 pm
by destructorinspector

I'm new to this community & rules of so please do not delete this entry but move it somewhere if I posted wrongly.

So, to start off, recently discovered that Gundam series aren't rly my thing.
From a child liked Exosquad so U.S.A cartoons not animu. So was with Transformers.

My fav. and first series was Beast Wars and second one is G1. Didn't go further simply because being out of free time. Yet combiners look promising:>

Anyways I need your help concerning this lineup of toys -that's why I wrote here (with some additional questions in a slave ^^) so:

1. USA watching order after -is it ok?:

USA S1-3 ... beast+wars ... beast+wars

USA S4 same as Returns in Japan? ... 8&qid=&sr= ... beast+wars

2. USA+JAP watching order -is it ok?

Japanese season 1: Beast Wars Super Lifeforms Transformers + Japanese season 2-3: ... beast+wars
USA S1-3 ... beast+wars

Japanese season 4: ... 370619314/
USA S4 ... 8&qid=&sr=

Japanese series 2 Beast Wars II & Beast Wars Special - The 20th Anniversary Collection
USA no more series?

Japanese series 3 Super Lifeform Transformers Beast Wars Neo
USA no more series?

Here is the 1st request for above entries: please give me idk ebay/amazon links to buy this stuff (latest edition / best quality ones) please.

And for main reason I came here, toys toys toys!

My latest order of B.W toyline is this bebe: ... cgodC10K9Q

2nd Question: is the number given a random thing? MP34 transformers masterpiece. I mean what about MP1 to MP 33?? and why only him & Optimus primal was made in this series. Will there be more of it or just those 2? Wonder if it is worth buying him anyway now...

Finally as an addition to my shopping list I wanted to add more toys from B.W but got confused again...

Question 3rd: Is this the same stuff or different mold/timeline made toy?
vs ... beast+wars ... beast+wars
vs ... ars+rhinox ... JFKFGP5SBW
vs ... 7FDY16HQ5Q
vs ... beast+wars

Question 4th: which is better and where to buy for the cheapest price with shipping to Poland.

Last question numero 5.. which version of would u recommend to buy (links please):
ULTRA WANT: Tigatron, Megatron, Dinobot, Blackarachnia, Inferno, Silverbolt, Tarantulas, Tigerhawk, Depth Charge, Quickstrike, Dinobot II , Rampage.

Or do u happen to know if there will be some new rls of them and its worth to wait?

I would be glad to have those questions answered,