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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 10:15 pm 
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Target release date, that is. Thanksgivingtime or thereabouts, i believe.

Want to know what Hasbro, the scriptwriters, the director, the producers, and the fans have to say about the subject?

Producer Don Murphy has a website with a message board where he invites fans to hang out and discuss what they want or don't want from the new movie, and speculate about how or why it will actually be done. (Speculation often butts heads with expressed desires--for example, there are things like "I really want Bumblebee to be a VW Beetle, but I don't think it'll happen. My next choice would be a Mini Cooper."*) Don really pays attention to these discussions, and occasionally joins in for some more direct interaction. He'll comment about some of the ideas--"That's a good idea, I'll pass it on" / "That's stupid, and besides, it's already in the script" / "Keep guessing" / "Keep dreaming" / "Maybe, but Hasbro is really pushing to do it this other way" / whatever--and sometimes tell us about decisions that are being made (about characters, voice actors, actors, directors, writers, and so on) so we have new stuff to ponder, discuss, speculate about, complain at, argue over, suggest alternatives for, debate, etc., etc., ad infinitum...

i guess i should just come right out and admit that i have some issues with the way some of the people on that forum behave some of the time. (Just take a look at the footnote on this post.) Still, i really appreciate that Mr. Murphy puts the time and effort into finding out what the fans think, and this is where he goes to find that out. So if ye be a TransFan, mosey on over and put in your $0.02.

*Footnote: If somebody says, "I really want Bumblebee to be a VW Beetle, but I don't think it'll happen. My next choice would be a Mini Cooper." Someone will reply, "No! He has to be a Bug or no one will recognize him!", prompting somebody else to say, "no he has to be a bug so I can squash him! i hate that guy!" / "Your a loser." / "you mean you're a loser, and no he isn't, you are" / "How about a Dodge Neon?" / "BBee is my fave char he has to be in the movie" / "I like him, but with only 5 TFs on each side, they should put in a more important character instead" etc.

One shall stand; one shall fall; and the one who stands shall help the one who falls to stand once again.
--Rhymus (also known as STARS Commando 539, also known as transit)

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