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Transformers Chess

Post by Rhymus »

Did you know that there is a Transformers-themed version of chess? Too bad the gameplay is exactly the same as non-TF chess. As in other themed chess games, the characters might look cool, but they make it hard for me to keep track of what each piece is (and thus, how they can move).

i like chess, but i'm really not very good at it. Nevertheless, i have an idea for a more Transformers-relevant variation.

Each chess piece is replaced with a redecoed Spy Changer (or G2 Go-Bot). Half of the pieces are Autobot red, half of them are Decepticon purple, and each has two white emblems, one on the robot's chest (the hood of the vehicle mode), one on the robot's back (the roof of the vehicle mode). These emblems are shaped like the chess piece each TF represents--a King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Castle, or Pawn.

(If you and your opponent, unlike me, are able to remember what TF represents what chess piece, all kinds of alternatives are open to you besides my suggested Spy Changers and Go-Bots: G1 Micromasters vs Armada Mini-Cons; G1 Autobot cars with Minibot pawns vs G1 Decepticon jets with Cassetticon pawns...)

Each piece starts in robot mode. The chess board is set up as usual.

On each turn, a player may either move one of his/her/its pieces, OR transform one of his/her/its pieces. (i guess that means players need to use an extra-large chess board, so the vehicle mode still fits in its square.) In robot mode, each piece moves as in regular chess--the Castle moves like a Castle, the Bishop moves like a Bishop, etc. But in vehicle mode, the Queen moves like a knight, the Castle moves like a bishop, the Knight moves like a castle, and the Bishop moves like a knight...

(i haven't figured out how Pawns and Kings might move differently in vehicle mode.)

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Post by Roadbuster »

That chess set looks nice! And expensive!! :shock: Looks like pewter chess pieces too, Artwork looks nice on the board too, almost has a Cybertronian feel to it. I bet these were limited edition and probably sell for a small fortune now.
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Post by Sound Blaster »

As an avid fan of both chess and transformers, I give your idea my seal of approval. If you go with the cassete idea, perhaps you could say that the pawns can't move or be taken (they can't be seen because they are tiny) in alt-mode.
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