What Will The Next Series Be About?

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What Will The Next Series Be About?

Post by SentinelPrime »

After Prime series what do you think the next series will be? I would like to see a series where they bring back combiner robots like in G1 series. And introduce more individual bots both Decepticons and Autobots. Not just a bunch of nameless drone bots.
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I believe they had discussed keeping with the "Aligned continuity family" which currently encompasses WFC, FOC, and Prime. However, since nothing seems to be "new" enough to appease retailers unless it's a whole new theme every 6 months, who knows what will happen.
I think the combiners train had arrived and left the station with PCC, but being totally unsupported by any kind of fiction storyline, it was bound to fail.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more pure combiners (each robot has its own individual robot and alt modes, plus combines to form a large robot), but for now we'll just have to play and display our FOC Bruticus(es) and Ruination.
I hope the next cartoon is as mature, developed, and awesome as Prime.
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