G1 Megatron vs. G1 Soundwave... with a twist

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G1 Megatron vs. G1 Soundwave... with a twist

Post by Rhymus »

Suppose Soundwave goes somewhere, ejects all of his cassettes, and leaves. (It doesn't matter where he leaves them, as long as the circumstances are such that the cassettes all find his behavior perfectly reasonable.)

When Soundwave returns, all of the cassettes are still there. Megatron arrives at the same time, but coming from the opposite direction.

Speaking at the exact same time, Soundwave orders the cassettes to destroy Megatron and Megatron orders the cassettes to destroy Soundwave. (Neither Megatron nor Soundwave explains the reason for such a command, so i won't bother suggesting an explanation here.)

Who immediately attacks Megatron?
Who eventually attacks Megatron?
Who defends Megatron?

Who immediately attacks Soundwave?
Who eventually attacks Soundwave?
Who defends Soundwave?

Who pauses to ask why Megatron and Soundwave want each other dead?

Who hesitates before doing anything?
Who doesn't do anything?

Who survives? Note that there is no reason why Megatron and Soundwave must rely exclusively on the cassettes for attack OR defense.

(Result: The Autoscout slaughters them all.)

Just kidding. Seriously, though, what would happen in a fight like this?
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Post by Roadbuster »

I don't think the cassette-acons would attack Soundwave. They seem to share a genetic/binary bond of sorts. So Megatron loses...of course it's highly doubtful Soundwave would carry out an attack on Megatron in the first place, seeing as he's probably Megatrons most loyal Decepticon.
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Post by Sound Blaster »

Well, the Autoscout(s?) are just drones so they would obey Soundwave without hesitation.

Wingthing, Overkill, Slugfest, Squalktalk and Beastbox are too stupid to do anything but obey Soundwave.

Rumble, Frenzy and Enemy would possibly think it over first, but end up with Soundwave.

Laserbeak might be a bit undecided, but I think he'd probably side with Soundwave in the end.

Ravage, Garboil and Howlback would side with Megatron, but probably after a brief moment of hesitation.

Glit would refuse to fight. Period.

Buzzsaw and Ratbat would probably end up with Megatron.

So the teams are:

Ravage, Garboil, Howlback, Ratbat and Buzzsaw.


Wingthing, Overkill, Slugfest, Squalktalk, Beastbox, Rumble, Frenzy, Enemy, Laserbeak and the Autoscout(s?).

At the end of the day, Soundwave would probably win this one, but he might be reluctant to attack his own cassettes, giving Megatron an advantage.
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