Let's Pretend

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Let's Pretend

Post by Rhymus »

When professional actors do this, they call it improvisational acting, or improv.

When adults who are not professional actors do it, it's called LARP or LARPing (Live-Action Role-Playing).

When children do it, it's called make believe or let's pretend.

When you make believe you're someone like a Ninja Turtle or Power Ranger, you can punch and kick and jump basically the same way they do.

When you make believe you're someone like a wizard or Jedi, you can make hand gestures and pretend that you're casting spells or using some kind of magic force.

Did you ever make believe you were a Transformer?

If so, who?
More importantly, what did you pretend your alternate mode was?
Most importantly, how did you pretend to transform?

(Specific example: If your alternate mode was a jet, did you hold your arms straight out and pretend they were wings, or did you hold you arms tightly to your sides, imitating the way characters like the G1 Aerialbots and G1 cartoon Seekers transformed?)

For anyone who thinks LARPing can be cool, is there any cool way for adults to LARP Transformers?
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Re: Let's Pretend

Post by Roadbuster »

Nope, not with Transformers...

I do own a few Force FX Lightsabers though, and me and my kids have had some lightsaber duels but that's about as close as I've ever came to "LARP'ing". :P
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Re: Let's Pretend

Post by Perceptor »

No. I've "role-played" (not LARP'ed) MANY things - Wizards, vampires, Super-Heroes... but the closest I've ever come with TF's was to use some of the Deceptions as the Villians in a DC Heroes game. Didn't work out too well either - this was in the mid 1990's when TF's were abut as cool as... well, Super Heroes and Role Playing Games! So my players balked once they figured out who these mysterious robots really were. Hey, I though it was a cool idea! LOL :oops:

But for some reason I can't see myself in a first-person perspective as a TF. It's always 3rd person to me - like moving around chess pieces (utilizing assets) or something.

But hey - that's partially the reason I started my RPG Thread:
http://www.transformerland.com/forum/vi ... f=4&t=5561
... to make a TF RPG more of a workable reality. 8)

I've also dreamed of a video game that is part resource management (build a base, and resurrect TF's to fill various roles) part 1st person Shooter (when in robot mode) and part Driving/Flying simulator, when in Alt-Mode. But that's WAAAY beyond my capabilities! The Table-top RPG I actually could do. :twisted:
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Re: Let's Pretend

Post by duttry98 »

Here's the "know to much" about the cartoon portion of me coming out. In the first episode of
the cartoon, The autobots are in formation outside their base just after being rebuilt. Optimus gives the "roll out" order and Jazz does this hop up and then down on to his hands folding his arms up under his front much like his figure. Yea, tried to mimic that. Also Cy-kill from Gobots.
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Re: Let's Pretend

Post by skywarp408 »

Uh well, I've pretended to be G1 Megatron a few times with my right arm as a cannon as a kid.

Back in the late 1990's when Beast Wars/ Beast Machines was out I mimicked Megatron's, "yes"
I was also doing Tankor's, "Tankor smash"

I was usually drunk off my ass when I did these with my friends :oops:
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