Use of transformer meme at work...

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Use of transformer meme at work...

Post by Perceptor »

Funny situation at work today...

I'm an engineer. My customer calls, tells me that [some part] of my [widget] isn't rotating. (And it's supposed to.)

Now, a couple months back we lengthened the shoulder on the bolt, to make room for some felt washers. The old shoulder was 5mm, the new is 7mm and each of the 2 washers is 1mm. So... YEAH: They should FIT!

So I ask my plant: Did you use the new bolt?

Plant: YES.

We measure the bolt shoulder: 5mm

I tell the plant: It looks like the old bolt.

Plant: We can ASSURE YOU we used the new bolt. We stopped using the old bolt in March, all of the new parts have the new bolt.

I look and see that he part was made in APRIL. (With the wrong bolt.)

Then another plant guy sends me an email confirming what the first one said: "Yeah, we definitely used the new bolt."

At which time the following picture started circulating around the office:


After sending them another picture, showing both the manufacturing date AND the measurement of the bolt, about an hour later we get an email that began:

"After further investigation..."

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Re: Use of transformer meme at work...

Post by duttry98 »

LMAO I love that......, "after further investiblahblah". I've heard that one a time or two. Ususally tho, around here anyways, when the the party in question has been beaten with evidence for an extended period of time and it shows their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, they'll get indignant and say something like....."well if you would've blah blah blah'd, then I would've known to blah blah blah". Basically trying make it sound like that their stupidity is entirely your fault. The lack of accountability anymore boggles me.
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Re: Use of transformer meme at work...

Post by Time Traveller »

Love the pic!

In my old job I dealt with this crap a lot, too. Freight companies were probably the worst offenders. After you call them out on their crap, they don't get indignant, they just tell you too bad, stuff it. We're not gonna make any attempt to fix it.

There's a sense of entitlement in society today, and that's where the accountability got sucked off too. It's too bad, but at least we have TF memes to bring some levity to the situation!
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