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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 8:27 pm 
Father Time (Admin)
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Firstoff, thank you for helping us out. All of you keep this place running.

Here is a listing of all items the archive is still in need of, broken up according to series. Within each listing you will notice 3 tables - FIGURES, PARTS, and COMPLETES (more on this below). This list is dynamic, so if you see it on the list, it is needed!

Beast Wars
Machine Wars
Beast Machines
Robots in Disguise
Commemorative Series
Heroes of Cybertron
Crossovers (Star Wars, Marvel)
Movie - 2007
Robot Heroes
Universe 2.0

The first topic I'll address here is what TFL Archives are looking for. Our archives currently contain pictures of each figure loose and complete, as well as the individual robots and closeups of their accessories. For example, here's G1 Onslaught. At the top is his "bot" pic, followed by the accessory table, with pictures of each individual accessory. The "bot" pic is always in ALTERNATE mode, if it has multiple alternates we picture them all. Also, note that the bot and accessory pics are all square to the camera (this bot pic is turned slightly) and the alt mode is facing left. We do this so it is easy to see the shape of a piece or bot, and to make it easy to compare to other figures. Next, let's have a look at a series listing page. Alternators. You can see here how each figure is seen from a 3/4 view above, facing left, with its accessories neatly laid out beside it, close to the figure, but not visually overlapping.
You'll also note the "image not available" square. This indicates that picture is not currently on file. Since this may mean we don't HAVE the picture, or it may just be that the picture has not been edited and linked in yet, merely on file somewhere. Below is a list to refer to, displaying pictures we do not have access to yet... That you can contribute!


-Make sure your figure is not damaged or heavily worn. If you see a picture in the archive that is damaged or worn, you may upload to replace it.
-Make sure major decals are not missing misapplied.
-Make sure your picture contains exactly what is needed... This goes especially for the "complete" pics. Check that you are picturing all that should be included.
-Please contribute pictures with at least 4 or 5 megapixels resolution. Low-resolution cameras tend to lose a lot of detail.
-Try to fill the frame of the camera with whatever you're picturing.
-Align the part or figure square with the frame, figures pointing left. In "complete" pics, do not visually overlap accessories. Check existing archive entries for ideas.
-Take the picture on a textureless, white background. This makes the background easy to remove for the editor. Paper, a non-textured countertop, on top of a white appliance... all good choices.
-Make sure your photo is well-lit. If you cannot provide sufficient white light, use the camera flash. Not only do dark pics skew the color, but cameras use a longer shutter time in dark conditions, which leads to blurring. Sunlight is, of course, the best light.
-Better too big that too small. If you're not sure about your camera's pixel dimensions choices, use a larger picture. We can always resize it down. If it's too small, detail is lost when sizing up.

EDITING (optional)

Also, you'll note that our pictures are all edited for uniformity and clarity. If you would like to pre-edit your pictures before uploading, here are the guidelines.
-Crop the picture so that the content is centered with a thin border around it.
-Use your favorite photo-editing software to carefully remove all the background around your figure or part. Also remove background visible through your figure or part... If your figure is O-shaped, remove the background in the center of the O.
-Resize the picture so that it is no more than 800 pixels on its longest side. During this phase, be careful not to change the aspect ratio (ratio of width to height). If the picture is already smaller than this, leave it as it is.
-Save the file as a JPEG. Do not compress the file or otherwise reduce its quality.


When you upload, there are a couple choices for contribution methods. In both methods, please name the file in a way that makes clear what you're contributing. For example: G1 Sunstreaker Missile.jpg
1. Personal file server.
-Upload your picture(s) to any form of personal file server that makes the photo viewable on the internet. Make sure that it does not reduce the size or quality of the photo.
-In the appropriate thread in this section of the forum, post a link to your file in this fashion:

-Please do not use the [img] tag to post your photo, as it can cause large contributions to go on for miles!
-For the same reason, if you're linking multiple photos in one session, put them all in one post. If you have more to submit tomorrow, you may make a new post.

2. Upload directly to Transformerland!
-Go here: Transformerland photo uploader. Click browse, find the file, click upload!

These methods are preferable to emailing attachments to us for a number of reasons.

Again, thank you for contributing to TFL Archives! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or Trance.

Need lists and other info coming soon... Stay tuned!


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:16 am 
Father Time (Admin)
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Joined: Mon Dec 29, 2003 1:12 am
Posts: 6312
Location: 90377 Sedna
Images Needed

-Minispy Blue Dune Buggy
-Minispy White Dune Buggy
-Minispy Blue Jeep
-Minispy Yellow Jeep
-Minispy Blue Porsche (headlights on hood)
-Minispy White RX-7 (says RX-7 on hood)

-Jetfire: complete and bot.
-Turquoise Grimlock: complete and bot.
-Red Slag: complete
-Green Snarl: complete and bot.
-Orange Constructicons: All 6 complete bots, Devastator bot, Devastator complete, orange head gun.
-Go-Bots Bumblebee: Complete, bot, gun
-Frenzy: Complete, gun
-Ironhide: Complete, bot, gun
-Go-Bots Megatron: Complete, bot, gun
-Go-Bots Optimus Prime: complete, bot, gun
-Go-Bots Mirage: complete, gun
-Soundwave: complete, bot, gun

Beast Wars
[edited by Trance on 062208]
-Fox Kids Transmetal Cheetor: complete, bot, accs.
-MicroVerse Green Arachnid: complete, bot, accs. (all parts must be green variant!)
-Video Airazor: complete, tail
-McDonalds toy: Beetle
-McDonalds toy: Manta Ray

Beast Machines
[edited by Trance on 062508]
-Battle Unicorn: complete, bot, accs.
-Dillo: complete, bot, accs. (blue)
-Mol: complete, bot, accs. (red)
-Blast Punch Optimus: Complete, missile
-Primal Prime: complete, bot, accs.

-All Tiny Tin Spychangers: Complete, tin inside, tin outsides
-All KB Recolor Spychangers: complete, bot, gun
-All Stealth Mode Recolor Spychangers: complete, bot, gun
-Jhiaxus: complete, bot, accs.
-Wal*Mart Recolor Ruination: Completes, bots, complete Ruination, Ruination Bot, accs.
-Wal*Mart Recolor Landfill: completes, bots, complete Landfill, Landfill bot, accs.
-Gas Skunk: complete, bot
-Megabolt: complete, bot, accs. (green head)
-Spy Streak: complete, bot, accs.
-Mirage GT: Missiles L & R
-Autobot 3-pack: complete
-Predacon 3-pack: complete

Heroes of Cybertron
-Powermaster Optimus Prime (regular colors)

-Nemesis Prime with Run-Over: complete, bots, accs.
-Powerlinx Cyclonus with Crumplezone: complete, bots, accs.
-Powerlinx Demolishor with Blackout: complete, bots, accs.
-Optimus Prime with Corona Sparkplug: complete, bots, accs.
-Recolor Emergency Team: complete, bots (Blue truck + heli, red car)
-Road Assault Team: complete, bots, Skyboom combined mode
-Road Wrecker Team: complete, bots
-Recolor Sea Team: complete, bots, accs. (blue)

-Any and all pictures appreciated!

-Ravage (Jaguar): Complete, bot

-Rapid Run w/Minicons: complete, bots, accs.
-Beachcomber: complete, bot, accs.
-Energon Ironhide: complete, bot, accs. (green army deco)
-Megatron Energon Sword (roleplay)
-Optimus Prime Energon Blaster (roleplay)
-Optimus Prime vs Megatron (TRU): bots, accs.
-Omega Sentinel: complete, bots, accs.
-Unicron with Dead End: complete, Unicron bot, accs. (black variant)
-Ultra Magnus with Minicons: complete, bots, accs.

-Burger King Optimus Prime: complete, bot
-Burger King Red Alert: complete, bot
-Minicons Steamhammer, Tankor, Thunderblast: each missile
-Yellow Scrapmetal: complete, bot, accs.
-Voyager Class Starscream (TRU): complete, bot, accs, complete w/ Vector Prime

-G1 Repaint Masterpiece Starscream: complete, bot, accs
-TRU Soundwave reissue w/ Ravage and Laserbeak: : complete, bots, accs.

BM Cheetor: complete, bot, accs (need pic of the nametag, but not a separate pic of the base).
Sunstorm: complete, nametag, bot.
List coming soon!

List coming soon!

-Any and all pictures appreciated!


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