contemplating selling some g1's via ebay......
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Author:  audionmotionink [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  contemplating selling some g1's via ebay......

i have a few g1's i am considering selling. i would rather sell them here on the site, but i have no idea if anyone reads the for sale listing as they are somewhat outdated.

they are as follows:

g1 starscream mib (w/o bubble insert, stickers, and instructions) both sets of missiles are still on their respective sprues. the joints are impressively tight. the stickers were never applied at all.
the only damage is 2-3 small nicks in the chest paint. other than that it is shiny and very very clean. all accessories are present and accounted for!
the box has minor wear and a flap crease. tech specs and robot points are still on the box
g1 skywarp mib (w/o bubble insert, 1 sticker sheet) i have 1 sticker sheet that is unnapplied (#2, i believe it is the eyes) i have the instructions (in color, as this is a prerub version) all accessories are present and accounted for. the stickers were previously applied and have minor wear.
the box has minor wear, no flap crease, a small tear on one side panel about an inch long. tech specs and robot points are still on the box.

if anyone is interested in them, please PM ME an offer. i have plenty of pics that i can provide. i'm not asking for replies to this post unless it is a PM. i'm just trying to see if sales actually happen on the forum side.

i know what i would like to get for either one or both sold at once. if no one wants to make a reasonable offer i will put them on "that other site"


Author:  Minerva [ Wed May 19, 2010 9:44 am ]
Post subject: 

Even though some of the posts in the for sale list are out of date, please use that thread when selling your Transformers. To make sure everyone notices your recently added items, you can make a post in the "sale list update notification thread":

Thank you. :)

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