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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:45 am 

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UPDATED 15/07/2011

Hey Everyone,

Looking to make some money for TfCOn (my first)

ALSO, I will haul all this stuff to TFCon so if you are interested at all, please let me know. With what is left prices decrease with every purchase. We can make plans for TFCon trades now
lease IM me for prices or if you feel my asking price is not fair. I live in Montreal, Canada, so please take that into account for the shipping.
I have also included my want list in case you would like to trade for something.

For parts, I have indicated in brackets the quantities available or needed. Please check out my pics below and PLEASE feel free to ask questions. I can also take pictures if need be




G1 Hardhead - Miscellaneous Parts (Make offer or ask questions if you need anything, I would not be asking for much. 10$ nabs you the whole bag)
G1 Sizzle (complete) 8$ New Price: 5$
G1 Sizzle (missing engine) 3$ New Price: 2$
G1 Groove (bot only, decent shape) 8$ New Price: 5$
G1 Hot Spot (rough shape, missing wheels) 5$
G1 Metroplex (in half) 5$ (Pending)
G1 Scoop (no target masters, some rust) 5$
G1 Optimus Prime trailer (junker, no back door) 10$ New Price: 5$ (Pending)
G1 Scattershot (very clean, no accessories) 10$
G1 Scattershot (Complete junker) 3$ (Pending)

Armada Smokescreen (Complete with Liftor) 10$ New Price: 8$
Armada Supercon Prime (with Sparkplug. I believe it has everything but the smokestacks/guns) New Price: 20$
Armada Supercon Prime (just prime and the trailer. Trailer is missing all parts) 10$
Armada Megatron (Complete with Leader-1) 25$ New Price: 20$
Armade Astroscope (missing a few peices) 0.50$ (free with any purchase is asked for)

Beast Wars Transmetal Airazor (Kind of a junker. May be good for parts) 3$
Beast Wars Transmetal Rhinox (no parts at all) 3$
Beast Wars Optimal Optimus x 2 (no parts at all, decent chrome) New Price 10$ (Pending 1x)
Beast Wars Scavenger (only the top half of toy) 3$
Beast Wars Tigerhawk (No missiles, Chrome decent, has both Launchers , NOT PICTURED) 15$

Universe 2.0 Octane (missing gun and claw) 8$

RID Super Prowl (missing one door hinge) 8$
RID Wedge (missing gun) 5$
RID Super Sideburn (Missing missile) 8$ New Price: 7$

ROTF Scattershot - MISB 8$ New Price: 5$

Movie Longview (Missing right arm) 2$ (Pending)
Movie Spyshot 6 (Missing legs) 2$ (Pending)
Movie Booster X10 (Missing head and gun) 2$ (Pending)
Movie Jazz (missing head and gun) 2$(Pending)
Buy all 4 junkers for 5$

Energon Starscream (comes with only one missile) 8$ New Price: 5$
Energon Steamhammer (complete) 10$ New Price: 8$ (Pending)
Energon Battle Ravage (missing many pieces) 3$

Cybertron Blurr (if not already purchased, it comes with 2 launchers and one missile) 10$ New Price: 8$
Cybertron Evac (comes only with what is seen) 10$ New Price: 8$
Cybertron Scattershot (missing cyberkey) 5$

Classics Whirl (Legend, missing one foot) 0.50$ (free with pruchase if requested)

Animated Roll Out Optimus (no Axe) 15$ New Price: 10$

Gobot Pincher 2$ (free with pruchase if requested)


Animated Bumblebee (1) Right Hand/Arm
Animated Bumblebee (1) Booster
Animated Oil Slick(1) Left Hand
Beast Machine Sonic Attack Jet (1) Right leg
Beast Wars Optimal Optimus (2) Missile (Pending)
Beast Wars Optimal Optimus (2) Center Blast shields (Pending)
Classics Bumblebee (1) Jetski/Trailer
Classics Grimlock (1) Right Dinosaur Mode/Robot Leg (Pending)
Classics Grimlock (1) Left Dinosaur Mode/Robot Leg (Pending)
Classics Starscream (2) Missile
Classics Starscream (1) Launcher
Cybertron Backstop (1) Right front leg
Cybertron Blurr (1) Launcher
Cybertron Blurr (1) Missile
Cybertron Buzzsaw (1) Missile
Cybertron Demolisher (1) Missile
Cybertron Downshift (1) Launcher
Cybertron Evac (1) Blade
Cybertron Evac (1) Missile
Cybertron Jetfire (1) Missile
Cybertron Megatron (1) Missile
Cybertron Quickmix (1) Missile
Cybertron Runamuck (1) Launcher
Cybertron Snarl (1) Missile
Cybertron Starscream (Supreme) (1) Missile
Energon Omega Sentinel (1) Missile
G1 Hotspot (3) Wheels
G1 Defensor (1) Left Foot
Movie 76' Bumblebee (2) Missile
Movie 76' Bumblebee (1) Launcher
Movie Dreadwing (1) Missile
RID Galvatron (2) Sword/Projectile and Launcher
RID Midnight Express (1) Base for launcher
RID Optimus Prime (1) Ultra Prime Left Foot No Wheels
RID Optimus Prime (1) Ultra Prime Right Foot No Wheels
RID Optimus Prime (1) Ladder/Ultra Prime Head
RID Optimus Prime (1) Ultra Prime Right Hand
RID Optimus Prime (1) Ultra Prime Left Hand
RID Super Prowl (1) Weapon Right side
RID Railspike (1) Gun
RID Ultra Magnus (1) Truck Mode From/ Omega Prime Chest Shield Heavy Chrome Wear
RID Ultra Magnus (2) Gun, No Missiles
Universe 2.0 Galvatron (1) Missile
Universe 2.0 Starscream (1) Missile


G1 Can be re-issue


HIGH Priority

Animated Optimus Prime (Battle Begins) (Pending)
Animated Megatron (Battle Begins) (Pending)
Animated Optimus Prime (Voyager, with silver Autobot symbol on his shoulder)
Beast Wars Dinotbot (Transmetal 2)
Beast Wars Megatron (Transmental 2)
Beast Wars Tigatron (Telemocha)
Music Label Blaster (Blue)
Music Label Soundwave
Universe 2.0 Legends G1 Jazz
Universe 2.0 Nemesis Prime (Pending)

Medium Priority

Alternators Wheeljack
Animated Bulkhead (Voyager)
Animated Elite Guard Bumblebee
Animated Hydrodive Bumblebee
Animated Blazing Lockdown
Animated Megatron (Voyager)
Animated Wingblade Prime
Animated Sunstorm
Armade Nemesis Prime
Armada Skywarp
Armada Thundercracker (Pending)
Beast Machines Night Slash Cheetor
Beast Wars B'Boom
Beast Wars Ramulus
Cybertron Galvatron
Cybertron Jetfire
Cybertron Optimus Prime (Legends)
Cybertron Megatron (Legends)
Cybertron Starscream (Legends)
Cybertron Evac (Legends)
Energon Omega Sentinel
Energon Jetfire (Pending)
Generation 1 Beachcomber
Generation 1 Brawn
Generation 1 Cliffjumper
Generation 1 Cyclonus
Generation 1 Gears
Generation 1 Hound
Generation 1 Huffer
Generation 1 Rumble
Generation 1 Scorponok
Generation 1 Seaspray
Generation 1 Shockwave
Generation 1 Warpath
Generation 1 Windcharger
Henkei Astrotrain
Revenge of the Fallen Hoist (+ Mixmaster)
Universe King Atlas
Universe Sam's Yellow RID Optimus Prime (Pending)
Universe Sam's Ultra Magnus (Pending)
Universe Ramjet (Pending)
Universe Trypticon (Legends)
Universe Menasor (Legends)
Universe Whirl (Legends)
Universe Jetfire (Legends)
Universe 2.0 G2 Megatron (Legends)
Universe 2.0 Areial Rivals (Legends 5-pack)
Universe 2.0 Special Team Leaders (Legends 5-pack)
Universe Optimus Prime (Spychanger)
Beast Wars Second Galvatron
Beast Wars Metals Ravage

Low Priority

Beast Machines Jetstorm
Beast Machines Obsidian
Beast Machines Strika
Beast Machines Tank Drone
Beast Machines Thrust (Pending)
Beast Wars Cicadacon
Beast Wars Ram Horn
Beast Wars Sea Clamp
Beast Wars Terragator
Generation 1 Highbrow
Generation 1 Optimus Prime
Generation 1 Rewind
Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus
Titanium Grimlock
Titanium Optimal Optimus
Titanium RID Prime
Universe 2.0 Skyfall
Universe 2.0 Treadbolt
Universe 2.0 Leo Prime (Red)
Universe 2.0 Overkill (Pending)
Henkei RodimusChallenge at Cybertron 3 Pack (Cyclonus, Rodimus, Galvatron)


BOLD= High Priority

Generations Skullgrin (1) 3mm Clip missile launcher (Pending)
Beast Wars TM 2 Megatron (1) Left Wing
Beast Wars TM 2 Megatron (3) Missile
Cybertron Red Alert (Cybertron Defence) (1) Mallet
Cybertron Red Alert (Cybertron Defence) (1) Gun
Generation 1 Sludge (1) Gun
Generation 1 Sludge (2) Missile
Generation 1 Sludge (1) Sword
Generation 1 Snarl (1) Left Plastic Peice
Masterpeice Megatron (1) Trigger
Universe 2.0 Storm Cloud (1) Missile
R.I.D. Destructicon Scourge (1) Missile
R.I.D. Destructicon Scourge (1) Gun
R.I.D. Storm Jet (2) Missile Energon Hot Shot (1) Right Arm


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:08 am 
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That's quite the list! :)
Please re-post your lists in their respective threads.
Use this for TF-related items for sale:
...and this for your TF wants:

If you have any questions, fell free to contact me or any other admin or mod.
Thank you!

Gone but not forgotten - Menasor

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