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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:44 pm 

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Hi there! I haven't been on these forums in years, but I think I'm coming back because it seems to be the only G1 centric place around anymore!

I am almost done with my G1 collection, but I realized I still need a number of parts. I can buy (lots, not a part at a time please) or trade. The parts I have for trade are after my wants. I also have a TON of figures from most series (only a few G1s though). Let me know if we can work something out. I really want these parts!

(Please no reissue parts!)

G1 Grimlock missile x2 (silver)
G1 Slag missile x2 (silver)
G1 Sludge missile x2 (gold)
G1 Snarl missile x2 (black)
G1 Swoop missile (red)
G1 Hoist large missile
G1 Perceptor missile x2
G1 Technobot Lightspeed handgun
G1 Metroplex missile
G1 Mirage missile x2
G1 Nosecone handgun
G1 Rad figure only with good paint
G1 Red Alert launcher
G1 Red Alert missile x2
G1 Reflector missile x2
G1 Wheeljack missile x2
G2 Starscream left horizontal tailfin
G2 Inferno squirter with plunger
G1/2 Inferno tire
G2 Rapido gun
G2 Skram gun
G2 Windbreaker gun
G2 Manta Ray/Leadfoot blue rotor x2
G2 Powerdive/Ransack red rotor x2
G2/G1 Grimlock sword
G2/G1 Snarl sword

Drill Dasher (chrome any condition!)
Yellow Minispy Jeep (NOT the dune biggy! Has rollbar in back!)

Parts I have for trade:

Frenzy/Rumble silver right side gun
Optimus Prime black missile
Skywarp missile launcher

Bonecrusher missile/drill
Devastator rifle
Hook handgun
Jetfire right rocket booster
Kickback gun
Minispy yellow dunebuggy x2
Mixmaster handgun
Mixmaster single missile
Mixmaster double missile
Red Alert missile
Red Alert missile
Scavenger handgun
Scavenger missile/drill
Scavenger missile/drill
Scrapper handgun
Snarl gun

Brawl large cannon
Metroplex large red gun
Metroplex large red gun
Ultra Magnus chestplate
Ultra Magnus gun
Ultra Magnus white shinplate/rear trailer door half

Flywheels gun
Raindance gun (extremely worn chrome)

Optimus Prime large head
Optimus Prime large trailer top panel
Seacon stand top connector piece
Seacon stand top connector piece
Squeezeplay gun

Dai Atlas orange ramp
Dai Atlas orange ramp
Overrun handgun
Overrun vehicle tail
Overrun shield/engine cover

Optimus Prime missile launcher
Optimus Prime missile launcher
Optimus Prime missile
Optimus Prime missile

Beast Wars:
Polar Claw bat/paw
TM2 Iguanus missile
TM2 Megatron kneecap

Mini-con dune buggy gray rollbar/cage/windshield

Blue Constructicon crane claw
Red Energon chip

And a TON of figures from all eras...just ask me about them. I'm happy to trade figures for parts I need.


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:46 am 
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Hello and welcome to TFL!

For future reference: please use the designated threads for your Transformers wants and needs:


Thanks, and good luck with your sales, and finding what you're looking for!

Gone but not forgotten - Menasor

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