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UK stuff

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:37 am
by shinbane
Hi, new to the board..just wondering if anyone has any interest in UK/euro toys, i have loads, all mint in unopened boxes, for instance, just picking one out of one of the boxes at random, the yellow transparent sparkobot 'sizzle' (gen 2) or the full set of energon protectobots, that would make up defensor, but wont as they are in sealed bubble packs, and stacks not sure whether there would be any takers for these if i put them up on the billboard, so i am putting out a feeler here..if anyone has any interest let me know, if need be i can get one of my kids to do stuff with a mobile phone and put up pictures..if not i will stick them back in the attic where i found them.