FS: MISB/MOSC/MIB/Loose G1 Transformer Collection. ~900 pcs
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Author:  Techlifter [ Tue May 16, 2017 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  FS: MISB/MOSC/MIB/Loose G1 Transformer Collection. ~900 pcs

Hello there,

I'm interested in selling the bulk of my collection of approximately 900 G1 Transformer toys. This collection includes a few items from G2 and Beast Wars but is predominantly comprised of G1 figures (, many of which are MISB/MOC/MIB. The one caveat is I wish to keep my sealed G1 Dinobots and would like to sell the rest of the collection as a whole. I attempted to sell the collection back in 2008 but the economic downturn that followed pushed me to pack everything back up and wait until the things recovered. Time to give it another shot.

A couple of rough lists of what's available:

I also have about 1,500 photos (~500GB) of most everything*, with pics of the boxes taken from various angles to highlight box condition (tape, flaps, etc) available at the following Dropbox link:

These photos in the compressed file were taken with a digital camera that is pretty low-res by today’s standards, but they should suffice to tell the whole story.

The Important Details:
- I would politely decline $50K
- But I accept the need to be flexible.
- I will happily pay a prearranged percentage to the first individual who can broker the successful deal. If you have a connection, let’s discuss your terms.
- The buyer(s) must travel out to Arizona to meet, inspect the collection and then arrange for pickup/transport by whatever method they choose and at their own expense. I will not ship anything anywhere.
- I live in Phoenix
- I’m selling the collection as a whole and will not part it out under any circumstances.
- Yes, I realize that this limits the potential pool of buyers.
- Yes, I know that I could potentially get more money if I part it out.
- Yep, this is 100% serious.
- I'm ready to do this now.

I guess that's a good place to start. What else would you like to know?

Please contact me directly at:

*Please ignore the DVD set in the compressed file as that isn’t part of the collection. :o

Here are a couple of group shots to get an idea:

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